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1997/January 2013
Zebra Books/Tirgearr Publishing
448 Pages
Historical Western Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Tempest is living on the edge and very lean. She gives up everything to pay for a mistake of her deceased husband and now she is at the mercy of a vulture. A man few would consider hero material saves the day, but it may only be temporary.

Buck has no idea why he has put everything on the line for a woman who neither appears to appreciate nor want him. A promise to a dying man and honor ties him to a situation and puts his own life on the line. But how can he leave Tempest to survive on her own.

Tempest has one wastrel of a husband in the past. She has no need for a drifter with an attitude. Still, it would appear she has one and no idea what to do with him. Confusions reigns as Buck fails to understand just why he is unable to leave yet unable to stay. Tempest yearns for him to stay but knows he is unreliable and must go. The storm of life is blowing in. Tempest and Buck must decide if they are going to stand and fight or whither in the wind.

A solid historical novel and evil in the air–Buck is a fine hero and Tempest is strong, but the reader will often want to kick either or both of them for the majority of the book. The relationship is as frustrating for the readers as it is for the characters, even if the suspense will keep them on the edge. I have been unable to turn away, wanting to know what happens next. When all is lost, the reader will see the light, which will only flicker. I enjoy reading a story set in some of the harshest times in American history.

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