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ISBN# 9781603181105
April 2009
L&L Dreamspell
288 pages
Time Travel
Rating: 3 Cups

It is 2009 and Kristianna Campbell is a college student with strong Scottish ties who decides to travel to Scotland on a class trip. She happens to board in a castle once owned by a Scottish Laird named Iain MacGregor, who happens to be the same handsome man that haunts her dreams at night.

In the seventeenth century, Iain MacGregor and his clansmen are currently warring with the Campbell clan. So when a stranger in need is found on his land, he immediately suspects the worst. This mysterious woman with this funny accent must be a spy.

Kristianna does not know why she ended up in seventeenth century Scotland but she does know two things: she is from the twenty-first century and she is a Campbell. She is going to have to convince people that she is not crazy and that she has nothing to do with the seventeenth century Campbells. Iain is fascinated by her, but after two failed relationships, he can barely trust a woman—especially one claiming to have been born several hundred years in the future. Kristianna will have to convince him that she can be trusted. Though she wants him to trust her and though she is beginning to fall in love with him, the fact remains that she needs to get back to the twenty-first century. Or does she?

Forbidden love, deceit, trickery and distrust. If you like the sound of any of these words then you are sure to enjoy Timeless Mist. There is nothing like a book where a man has to overcome his ego and pride to conquer the woman that he has his eyes set on. What struck me most was the Scottish dialect, it is consistent and impressive. Kristianna is a sweetheart and Iain is impossible…just the way I like my romance novel men. Between the main plot and the subplots, I found myself turning each page waiting to uncover the secrets of the MacGregor clan and hoping Iain would forget about the war between the clans and actually fall for a Campbell.

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