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ISBN# 9780985124335 (Print)# 9781490966168
October 2012
Canyonland Press / Createspace
E-Book / Print
$3.99 / $12.16
303 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

This is a story of Bella, a Heidi by Design dress. Heidi claims each dress she makes is special. When it meets its bride and groom, there is absolute magic. It is also a story about Bella's journey and observations.

Cecelia Wilson tries out and buys Bella. Much to Bella's disappointment, there is no 'zing', also Cecelia does not want to get married. Chandler and her have a business arrangement made between their fathers, which binds them unless they want to lose their inheritance and jobs. Trying Bella on, makes Cecelia realize there is no fairytale here, only resignation. Hence, unhappy yet determined to change her fate, Cecelia comes up with an elaborate escape plan just a week before the wedding. Careful planning sees the plan through, and Bella is left behind without a bride.

Bella is next bought by Cecelia's maid for a dollar on eBay for her daughter, Jessie. Also with Jessie, Bella finds the 'zing' missing but loves Jessie's spunky nature and the love between her and Mark. The problem is status differences. Therefore, Mark's mother is strictly against the marriage, so is trying her best to ruin it. Through the hurdles and their love, the big day arrives only for Jessie to realize she just wants to be married in a happy setting, not amid arguments and tension. They decide to elope, leaving Bella behind. Abandoned again.

Dejected that she may not get her special day, Bella meets Arabella who works at the wedding salon. Immediately, they feel the 'zing'. They are soul mates. However, as before, everything is not easy. Funky, ambitious, friendly and an aspiring designer, Ari has no plans for marriage and is dating a man who is not her soul mate. Bella has her work cut out for her. Will Bella succeed in finding Ari's soul mate and convince her she can still be a famous designer while married at the same time? Will Bella finally have her big day?

What an utterly delightful story! Completely different from any of the books I have read until now. Who does not want a perfect wedding dress? The author has written a beautiful story from the viewpoint of all the brides and Bella's most importantly, without making it sound confusing or scrambled. The dress's observations are a delight, and so is her journey from being proud to becoming humble, understanding her mission and delight in helping others. The only thing missing is an epilogue where we catch up with all the brides. I find Ari's ending a bit abrupt, while I would also love to read about Cecelia HEA and Jessie's elopement. Truly, an enchanting journey that will make you love each and every character. I highly recommend reading this book.

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