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ISBN: unavailable
May 4, 2009
Lyrical Press, Inc.
235 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

If there is one thing that Katherine Pelhman will never do again, it is getting involved with another hero. The death of her fiancé Gary taught her that lesson all too well, and she is not about to repeat it.

Jack Conley cannot believe his good fortune when he comes across the apartment for rent only a few blocks away from the firehouse. The back yard will be perfect for his dog Archer, and the landlady perfect for him.

Why does her body betray her every time Jack enters her thoughts? Katherine aches to have Jack in her life, but feels the panic rise every time there is any mention of his profession. Firefighters and cops; they are all the same, dangerous jobs with a built-in boy’s club ready to drop her like a hot coal once the going gets tough. Jack is skating on thin ice with Katherine, the moment things start to heat up he crashes through, and until he can get her to face her fears, there may be no future for them at all.

Martyrdom is something Katherine seems to wear like shield, and wield like a double-edged sword. She seems intent on breaking Jack’s heart as well as her own, and does so knowingly. I really admire Jack’s fortitude; I cannot imagine many men putting up with that kind of hot and cold reception. However Jack and Archer are enough to melt any girl’s heart and I love how they work in tandem to keep Katherine from wallowing in her own misery.

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