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Mate or Meal

Book 1: The Lamb Who Cried Wolf
Book 2: The Wolf Who Hatched an Egg
Book 3: The Love He Squirrelled Away
Book 4: The Lynx Who Claimed the Sun
Book 5: The Shark Who Rode a Seahorse
Book 6: The Gazelle Who Caught A Lion
Book 7: The Demon Who Fed on a Shark
Book 8: The Seahorse Who Loved The Wrong Lynx
Book 9: The Lynx Who Purred for a Sidhe Prince
Book 10: The Half-Breed Who Found His Other Half
Book 11: The Swan Who Flew After A Wolf

Mate or Meal, Book 2
ISBN#: 1610349644
November 2011
Siren-Bookstrand, Inc.
141 Pages
Erotic Romance, Alternative, M/M, Paranormal, Vampires/Werewolves
Rating: 4 Cups

Shiloh has spent his life searching for his mate; someone to finally call his own. His enthusiastic search has brought him great pain, and just when he gives up, his mates arrives in the most feared beast; a wolf.

Liam is tired of the endless search for the man who is fated to complete his life. When he runs into him in the woods, his initial greeting brings great pain to them both.

A shadow from the past lurks, waiting for the moment he can break them apart. Will someone put an end to them before they ever get started, or will their feelings be enough to keep them together?

Who could ever imagine there would be a sweet love story between a wolf and his swan? Ms. Hyacinth is an amazing woman who lives to make the reader view life from a different point of view. The Mate or Meal series gives people who perceive themselves as different, hope that there is someone out there who can appreciate them for who they are. I love Shiloh for his sweetness, but Liam is a man of depth who looks past all the differences and pain and sees a man who he needs to be with no matter what. I appreciated the updates on Carson and Brody as well. If you have missed the pleasure of Ms. Hyacinth and Mate or Meal, then I encourage you to give them both a try.

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