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Life in Icicle Falls

Book 1: Better Than Chocolate
Book 2: Merry X-Mas
Book 3: What She Wants
Book 4: The Cottage on Juniper Ridge
Book 5: The Tea Shop on Lavender Lane

Life in Icicle Falls, Book 5
ISBN#: 9781460334553/9780778316183
June 2014
Harlequin Mira
352 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Bailey is riding high on a culmination of hard work to get her catering business to the top. In the same night it all came crashing down and she returns home a failure. She is sure moving home is going to be a disaster and she was half right. Bailey met the man of her dreams only to find he already belonged to her sister.

Cecily is shocked and hurt to find her sister getting closer to her man through a mutual business venture. The Tea Shop on Lavender Lane is such an innocent name for the shop which brings her world crashing down. When she returns from licking her wounds the one man who has been standing in the shadows demands she pay attention.

Bailey is ashamed of what she has done to her sister but knows she has found the man for her. Cecily is devastated by the loss of her sister and her man, but is intrigued by taking a different look at a man who has always been there. Can family forgive or will there bonds of sisterhood be forever broken?

The Tea Shop on Lavender Lane is a wonderful romance but the true story is about the love between sisters. There were times when the need to slap both sisters around was pretty strong. The devastation the heart can cause is difficult to witness but heart-warming to read. I fell in love with the characters who were equally interesting individually but all came together to paint a picture of an ideal small town which still has all the drama of a big city. I highly recommend Sheila Roberts and the world of Icicle Falls.

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