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Bree and Steven Series

Book 1: Giving Up the Ghost
Book 2: The Season of Sin

2012 Interview

Bree and Steven Series, Book 2
ISBN: Unavailable
April 2012
Peace in the Storm Publishing
281 Pages
Mystery, Suspense, Ficiton, Interracial, Contemporary
Rating: 3 Cups

Waking up with a hellacious headache was bad enough for Detective Bree Morris. But finding out that while she was knocked out, her psychiatrist, Dr. Nadia Hollister, was murdered just made her day even worse.

Steven Kemp is Bree's partner at work and he would like to be her partner in the bedroom once again. Even as he convinces himself that there is no one else for him, a new and intriguing woman enters the picture.

As Bree and Steven begin to uncover a web of lies, deceit, and crushing secrets as their suspect list continues to grow. Too many people's lives were affected by the events that shaped Nadia's past. As the detectives try to pinpoint the murderer, someone else falls victim to the killer's hand. Now Bree and Steven are racing against the clock to find out who killed Nadia and why before someone else's life comes to an end.

I found to The Season of Sin to be a mixture of intense suspense and confusing plotlines. I did not always understand why Bree and Steven interacted with each other the way they did. It is possible that I would have understood the dynamics between these two characters more if I had read the first book in the series. The way Steven portrayed his love for Bree one moment and then was chasing another woman the next left me cold. I would like to say that for the mystery part of this novel, Stacey-Deanne knows how to incorporate the twists and turns to their greatest effect. I found myself pointing my finger at a different character when a new scene was introduced into this plot. I feel that without the shadow of Steven's wandering affections, I would have thoroughly enjoyed this book.

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