Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN#: 9781927085592
August 2011
Muse It Up Publishing
350 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Angela has no idea she is one of The Powers. She really just thinks she is losing her mind when she begins having dreams which seem to be encroaching on her reality. She is concerned, until the day the one who is to train her comes to her while both asleep and awake, but it is the reality of the man who will touch her as no other could.

Camael, a.k.a. Daniel, has lived for more than a thousand years and in all that time he has never met anyone who makes him feel the way Angela does. He is fighting his feelings for her, but when they can both feel and see the thoughts of the other, the battle is already half lost from the moment they meet.

An old enemy has returned and determined history will repeat itself. The enemy takes the form of someone of power who is revered by man. True evil is ready to take over the world and the clock is ticking. Angela and Camael must unravel the mystery of Asmodeus, save the world, and hang onto each other.

Welcome to the war between good and evil, where Angels and demons battle for our very souls. Keeping the many characters, both demon and Angel, straight is a challenge, but one worth overcoming. In the end I found an entertaining mystery wrapped in the greatest struggle in the world. I must tell you that I always I thought bad boys but Ms. Durham has shown me sexy can be found in the eyes of an Angel.

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