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Da Vinci Time Travel Series
Book 1 - One with the Darkness
Book 2 - Time for Eternity
Book 3 - A Twist in Time
Book 4 - The Mist of Time

ISBN: 9780312943554
September 2010
St. Martin’s Paperbacks
339 Pages
Time Travel
Rating: 4 Cups

The missing years of her childhood has left Diana Dearborn with the feeling that she has never really belonged. She feels like such an outsider, despite being a published author and having a regular day job, she is completely and utterly alone.

Failure is a shadow that has dogged Gawain around for nearly his entire life. He never developed anything like his father’s magic, and has always felt a keen disappointment that he could never be the son Merlin deserved.

Diana was extremely lucky to have had the adoptive parents that she did, and since their passing, her life has gotten lonelier day by day, maybe that is why she feels such a pull to the past. Camelot is a place in time that has taken over her imagination, and a chance encounter with a stranger has given her the opportunity to fulfill a dream. However messing with the past comes with some very dire repercussions, and the only one standing between Diana and devastation is a man to whom she both fears and desires. Gawain has spent years trying to find his way back to Diana, and now that he has, failure to protect her will cost more than just their lives.

This fusion of the Dark Ages and contemporary time is a fantasy-come true for any romantic at heart. A modern woman gets her very own knight in shining armor to protect and romance her, but not without a dangerous and deadly twist. Diana does the unthinkable when she pulls a 5th century villain into modern civilization, and it does not take you long understand the catastrophes about to unfold. Both Gawain and Diana must contend with deeply personal feelings of pain and loss while battling for their lives, but it is that emotional connection they share that enchants the reader page after page.

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