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The Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica, Vol. 10
ISBN# 9781849017626
July 2011
Constable & Robinson Publishing
263 Pages
Rating: 2 Cups
The Cavern by Valerie Grey
Dominique loses herself to the man she marries, and she is determined to get it back. A trip to a cold, dark place brings warmth to life.
The Hotel Arensen provides a unique environment for the guests. Special needs are met, so everyone leaves enriched by their stay.
An outstanding story of one woman's odyssey to recover what has been stolen from her. There should be a cavern in everyone's life.
Honeymoon with Shannon by Thom Gautier
Shannon and her boy meet in a poetry class. She is to be married. He is recently divorced. Both take a moment out of time to explore each other.
Life offers a different possibility. Which will they take? Sometimes the decision is never as clear as one would think.
Two souls on different intersecting paths meet for a brief moment to offer one last exchange of sensual pleasure to a woman and her poet. The outcome of the meeting is never quite clear until the end, and I find myself wondering how one could ever choose.

Being Bobby by Donna George Storey
Zoe and Bobby are college lovers spending the night in his dorm when Zoe discovers a whole new world. She awakes in the night, and a trip to the restroom opens her mind to what exactly it would be like to be Bobby.
The trail of discovery leads Zoe and Bobby to a place they have never thought to visit. And the discovery is stimulating.
A strange story in the beginning, but hang in there. Understanding comes in the end. Being Bobby is an interesting treasure hunt of one woman’s exploration of being her man.
Advanced Corsetry by Justine Elyot
A corsetiere enjoys the process of creating a corset to hug the bodies of her clients. The enjoyment of creating the different features and restrictive embrace required by each customer provides a satisfaction unlike any other.
One unique customer and her man proves to be intriguing and unforgettable. The requests of the husband for his submissive provide the complicated workings of a very unique corset. There is a plan beyond the corset, but nothing will be revealed until the end. Will the corsetiere give her customers exactly what they are looking for?
The reader is led down a road with blinders on. There is no awareness of what is to come, which makes the revelation all the spicier.
Royal by Adam Berlin
She has only one night to offer, and one night is all he ever gives. The two come together and one night becomes a drop in time and all they have.
She has family obligations, and he is clueless when it comes to wanting more than two ships passing in the night.
Royal is a rather odd story, which leaves me unsure of the point of the telling. I am mystified by the meeting and the leaving, so all I can say is–it has interesting parts but as a whole it loses something in translation.
The Strangler Fig by J.D. Munro
The photographer and the star have been together for many years. The photographer, a slave to the star, can do nothing except discover all the secrets.
When secrets are revealed will the star become tarnished? Or will the photographer become enslaved by the shining star?
The Strangler Fig is a rather unusual story that seems to have little place in a book of erotica. It is not a story worthy of a second read and has little substance as an erotic story.
In the Absence of Motion by Peter Baltensperger
Bernard has a passion for statues and dolls more than a living woman. He prefers the stillness. Valerie is a person accustomed to stillness, so Bernard appreciates the trait.
Bernard finally finds the woman of his dreams. Valerie finds someone who appreciates her lack of animation. Is it a match made in heaven?
Everyone has something that excites them. Bernard is no different. The characters are developed despite my inability to become invested in the story, so I have been able to finish the story with ease.
On My Knees in Barcelona by Kristina Lloyd
A blistering hot evening and an offer too difficult to resist causes an individual to do something out of character but unforgettable.
Two strangers offer an irresistible temptation. A hot night that fades coming morning. Is it real or is it a dream?
Three ships cross in the night and leave as fast as they arrive. On My Knees is a down and dirty erotic story, hot and hard to resist.
Chemistry by Velvet Moore
Science is a wonderful thing. For some, it triggers an unforgettable memory. Never turn your nose up at a nerd because beneath the lab coat is more than what first appears.
At first, the scientist is the means to an end. In the end, he demonstrates exactly who is in charge. A daring experiment shows the administrator just how a scientist takes charge.
A hot, hot, hot story with just the right chemistry. The scientist is a sexy character who takes charge and makes the heart race. Who can resist a take charge man?
When Lacy LeTush Went Blue, Blue, Blue! By Thomas S. Roche
A strange voice in the night shouts out and changes a life. Lacy is tired of living a repressed life, forced to dance to another’s music.
One night and one uninhibited erotic dance alter the path Lacy has chosen for her life. The requested encore shows her that, to be truly happy, she must cast off the bonds imprisoning her.
One erotic dance the reader will never forget. The dance will allow one dancer to break out and the reader to go along for the ride.
Blind Tasting by Ella Regina
It starts out as am innocent gathering of friends and slides into the realm of the erotic. The Montridge Eight are more than they appear from the outside and new attendees are unnecessary.
Grown adults, one and all, create a club where they can gather to enjoy a good mean and show of culinary prowess. Four couples step into a world of their own making with success in the first foray.
Blind Tasting is a sensual and naughty adventure between friends who have made the adult decision to take the scheduled gatherings to a whole new level. The story is a fascinatingly hot, hot, hot read.
Wing Walker by Cheyenne Blue
The thrill of walking the wings is what they have in common from the beginning. Soon it turns into another sort.
Jaye has occasionally worked with another wing–walker but nothing permanent. Leon offers her the benefit of having a partner to walk the wings with.
A thrilling story offering a whole different spin on the mile high club.
The Dead End Job by Laurence Klavan
What do two office mates do when work becomes a drag? They begin to play a game of show and tell. Playtime soon becomes less than exciting for her, and a new discovery changes the rules.
Her experience in the art of sex is minimal, still enough for one man and more than necessary for another. The end to both is closer than she is aware of and may come at a cost she is unwilling to pay.
The Dead End is an unusual story that has left me feeling upset and confused. I could only feel sorry for all the characters involved.
Perfect Timing by Kristina Wright
Charlotte believes variety is the spice of life. Each of her men provides a different flavor. Why tie yourself down to one when you can have many?
Each man provides Charlotte a little something unique and special. She looks forward to each man and makes every attempt to take care of each and keep the flames hot, hot, hot at least until she gets what she really wants.
Perfect Timing is the icing on the cake of erotica. Who can resist the idea of a lunchtime tryst? Ms. Wright is like a cool glass of water for someone stranded in the Sahara.
Double Take by Madeline Moore
Patty and Jeannie are twins who have shared everything in life. The summer they meet twins named Pat and Gene, their futures are determined.
When the twins start to garner the experience, both feel they need for their husbands to share the men (not at the same time), but are not serious with any of them.
I love Double Take. It is an erotic tale of how twins think alike and how sharing is a family affair. Ms. Moore takes a subject some would find touchy and makes it endearing. Well worth the ride.
The Escape by Jett Zandersen
Two pawns in a game and entertainment of one are playing to win. One will be the victor and escape.
Prisoners come together to play one hand of poker where the winner takes all. To the victor goes the spoils.
The Escape is an interesting story, which is confusing in places. I am still unsure if I fully understand the story, but I think the battle of wills is interesting.
Paladins by Robert Buckley
Rachel and Locan are a different sort of police. Paladins are drafted into service due to crimes committed.
Rachel is more than she knows. Locan has all the answers. If Rachel is to survive, she must catch up real fast.
It is a superb story, but not especially erotic. Mr. Buckley writes an imaginative story with details aplenty. I have never been bored, despite the lack of eroticism and would gladly pick up a Mr. Buckley’s story.
Ducks by Elizabeth Coldwell
The ducks are a gift intended to bring good luck in the search for a man. Lauren is all set to throw them away when she realizes she is unable to hurt a friend that way.
Luck comes her way in the form of a sexy man who is the perfect model for the pictures Lauren craves. Is it her friend or divine intervention that sends Aiden Drake her way?
A wonderfully erotic story, easy to follow and flowing wonderfully. I hate to reach the end, but the story never really ends as it is up to the reader to decide.
A Cruel Heartless Bitch by Severin Rossetti
She is a bar owner who posts her philosophies on the wall for everyone to see and as a warning. One chooses to take the challenge, until he realizes she is truly a cruel heartless bitch.
He finds himself surprisingly attracted to the cold woman who serves him lunch. He comes back thinking he will give the cruel heartless bitch a try, unknowing the experience will change him for all time.
How far will one man go for the pleasure of a woman? A Cruel Heartless Bitch strives to provide a response. I find the story edgy, interesting and just a bit cruel.
Pierced by Alison Tyler
His job is to give her what she wants. She starts a journey from the top with an ear piercing and works her way down.
He is the one along for the journey, the captain of her adventure. In the end, she comes to understand he has been along for the ride with her.
I find the story fascinating and just as involved in the journey. I think it is sexy that he is as much into giving her what she needs as he is in giving her what she wants.
The Tinkling in Tiny Silver Bells by M. Christian
Jasmine has been a true child of the sixties, bouncing along through life until she bounces right out. Always a wanderer, she is just as late for her funeral, so forces herself into life with a ghostly presence.
A lover in life, she returns to spend her time tormenting her lover who is amazingly unconcerned with his new roommate.
The ending is interesting, to say the least. I am unsure how erotic the story is, but it is amazingly out there in content.
Simon Says by Alice Gray
One travels a long way to be with another as well as with her man. He is willing to give his woman what she wants and in return, reap the benefits.
A ménage where everyone gets what they want and need. Two are in control, and one is–Simon says.
Simon Says takes the childhood game to an adult level. It is a thrilling ride for the reader, not to mention erotically enthralling. Ms. Gray writes a superbly erotic story that keeps the reader guessing at what Simon will say next.
Rain and the Library by Kris Saknussemm
A trip to the library has the potential for unexpected adventurous thrills. A book of men and magic provides the perfect springboard for a bit of naughty.
A ladder provides the perfect foundation for an afternoon of debauchery. The librarian unknowingly surrenders to the man controlling the ladder and her pleasure as a result.
A wonderful rainy afternoon tale with a vivid description of erotic pleasure. A taste of a past brought to life between the pages of a book.
Park Larks by C. Margery Kempe
A beautiful day and an adventure in the past provide the perfect setting for an afternoon tryst. Will Charley play along or ruin the fun?
Will the witnesses stay for the show or scurry away in shock? An afternoon delight becomes so much more when the adventure is in the public.
Park Larks is a fantasy come to life. Who is unable to find a thrill in the idea of an audience? Absolutely an erotic story that alludes to a common fantasy shared by most men and women.
She Gleeked Me by O’Neil De Noux
The redhead strolling out of a dream requests the private detective solve her case or cases. The rumor of the black widow makes the private detective hesitate, but given the outstanding sex rules, the detective becomes a gambler.
The return of the redheaded, Alice, provides afternoons of pleasure and interesting entertainment to see just what she will say next. The gamble is a pleasure and in the end, the payoff is more than he has ever planned.
I am thoroughly entertained by the story as much as the erotic elements. The writer offers the reader a mystery wrapped in intrigue and sex.
Slut by Charlotte Stein
He seeks attention just the same as any slut. He works to ensure he is seen and receives acknowledgement of his attractiveness.
The tease is relentless in his pursuit for attention. When he receives exactly what he is asking for, will he be able to take the punishment?
There is pleasure in a person who knows exactly what he wants and likes. No shame is a wonderful aphrodisiac for readers, making them wish they could be so free. Slut is a sexy, sizzling story that ensnares readers and leaves them panting.
Reunion by Lisabet Sarai
David is her husband. Eric is her Master. It has been too many years in between visits with her master.
Sarah wants nothing more to make her master happy. Unable to choose between husband and master, Sarah steals moments out of time to feed her need while loving her husband.
Reunion at first seems to be more about the erotic than anything else. But the reader comes to understand it is about love and need–loving someone enough to give him what he needs, even if one never understands.
An Inverted Heart Glowing Ruby Red by Marissa Moon
History leads to a glowing ruby red inverted heart. Learning about the past provides a lesson in pain and punishment.
Love comes in many forms and a lesson on St. Valentine leads to a kinky learning experience for a Mistress and her man.
A kinky read that takes a walk on the BDSM side. A treasure of pain and punishment mixed with a little history makes for an interesting story.
Strippers by Greg Jenkins
There are two kinds of strippers in the world. Only one of them gives a thrill to men. He strips furniture all day, while she provides a peep show for the customers in the supermarket parking lot.
The audience of men steadily grows over time, but eventually the show is over and everyone must go back to real life. The very different strippers change their lives for the experience.
Strippers is an interesting story where all individuals involved gets what they need. I am entertained by the men’s reactions and the freedom of the female stripper. The two strippers have very different jobs described with the same word, but in the end both change their lives.
Only When It Rains by Rose B. Thorny
The spinster librarian staidly lives in her neighborhood lulling everyone into thinking she is harmless. In fact, she knows the secrets of those around her and lives in a very different world in her mind.
When it rains, no one tends to notice someone outside and often feels insulated in their own little world. The picture everyone sees from the outside is the tip of the iceberg of life.
An interesting read, which provides a truth to the reality of peeping. Often what we think is happening as seen from the outside hides a truth some would prefer not to reveal.
Canvas Back by Craig Sorensen
In the world of art, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The truth in the statement goes for the artist and his or her vision.
She is his model, and he is the painter. It takes both to create beauty. Time changes all things, and it is the same with any relationship. It is there for the moment and with time fades.
The story of the painter and his must is a wonderfully erotic story. The beauty of the story is the emotions are there, but muted and the art is the whole point, both the erotic and the painting.
The Witch of Jerome Avenue by Tsaurah Litzky
Young love and old love both prove difficult in this coming of age story. The innocence of youth gives way to the reality of life and the magic from the family witch changes everything.
Love is not the sonnet some would like it to be. Often it loses the rhythm, but with a nudge gets back on track. New love and old love have something to learn, and the family witch becomes the teacher.
Once More Beneath the Exit Sign by Stephen Elliott
The ending of the relationship is as painful as the beginning is exciting. The third party of an open marriage is usually left out in the cold once emotions intrude.
They spend four days together and both understand it is the last. The relationship has run its course and is in danger of destroying the marriage.
The erotic edge to the story is overshadowed by the pain of the break up. Once More Beneath the Exit Sign is a glimpse into variety, which is not always the spice of life.
Plasticity by Salome Wilde
An oral fixation permeates a life in both good times and bad. Often the oral fixation is used on inanimate objects, which provides the pleasure when no one else is around.
A doll provides the pleasure the ex could never give. For the thrill of the oral fixation, a Barbie proves to be a perfect replacement.
Uhhmm wow. I have heard of fetishes, but this one goes way out there. The subject is uninteresting, to say the least, and I am just glad it is over.
The Spanking Machine by Rachel Kramer Bussel
What does a strong, independent woman need to do to find an equally strong man who can give her both his love and the spankings she craves?
She is waiting for the right man to come along. In the meantime, she needs to find a way to receive the painful pleasure she craves.
I love the strong woman who acknowledges her needs without thought to what others think. The Spanking Machine is an honest tale of one woman and her ability to find satisfaction without the strength of a man.
Raw by Adam Berlin
He loves sushi and has never found anything or anyone to distract him from this first love. She comes out of a sushi restaurant. Her very features resemble that of sushi, and he is smitten.
The love of sushi brings them together, but the love of sushi can only keep them together for so long.
I have no understanding of the concept for this story. In fact, I find it highly disturbing. The writing is beautiful right up until the end, and then it is all ruined.
Careful What You Wish for by D.L. King
Greg always fantasizes about submitting to a dominate woman other than his Aubrey. Aubrey provides his fantasy, but he is unsure if he should be more careful about what he asks for.
The first foray into the swinging world proves successful for both Greg and Aubrey, even if he is unsure at firsts. The pleasure in sharing is the name of this game.
A very sensual BDSM story that offers the reader a glimpse into the emotions of swinging. Often, the swinging lifestyle is portrayed as less than loving, but sometimes it is out-of-love couples that swing.
The Communion of Blood and Semen by Maxim Jakubowski
She comes in the night for a meeting from across the ocean. Caution is warranted for online dating. A creature out of a horror story may be looking to fulfill his own needs.
She has unholy needs, and he just needs her. The decision must be made–stay and die or leave and live?
The Communion of Blood and Semen is an entertaining vampire story. I find the reading easy and the writing smooth. The ending is fitting, considering the beginning.
The Woman in His Room by Saskia Walker
Karen is a flower in first bloom. Luke is a man in his prime. What starts out as a crush soon moves into a woman’s passion.
Discovery of one's sexuality is the subject of the story. There are games adults play Karen has never thought of, but she is catching on fast.
The Woman in His Room is the very embodiment of erotic. Everyone in the story gets exactly what they want and need. I love the acceptance of one’s sexuality and the enjoyment of the human body.
Kiss My Ass by Jax Baynard
Boredom and a restless need lead to a marriage taking a walk on the spicier side of life. The urge has never been there in the years they have been together, but she is ready for something new.
The excitement of something new gives way to true pleasure from the discovery. The marriage is enriched for the experiment, and spicy just may be what they need.
Kiss My Ass is a beautiful story about a monogamous couple looking for something new inside their marriage. The erotic tale is well worth the read and is a thrilling tingle for the senses.
Ladies Go First by Alex Gross
Two strangers come together like two ships in the night. Both have needs and are hoping the other one will fulfill them.
He is willing to let the lady go first, if she will let him do anything he wants. She demands something he finds strange at first, but in the end he lets go and she rocks his world.
Mr. Gross writes a sexy story of unusual kink. The writing is outstanding and provides the reader a very visual picture of the shift in sexual desires.
Calendar Girl by Angela Caperton
A fascination with Miss April leads Desi down a path she never thinks to venture. Bobby wants to photograph Desi. She wants a taste of what Miss April must have felt.
She is the art. They are the artists. She has a dream. Bobby will make it come true.
I find the story fascinating for the time in which it is written. I love the sexiness of the story and the sensual photo session is superb.
The Hamper Affair by Mel Bosworth
A man and his laundry are never to be parted or at least Harry thinks so. He will risk it all for a little loving from the hamper.
It will take the love and strength of a son to teach the father he has gone too far and is risking the love of a good woman. Harry is a fast learner so comes to understand the error of his ways.
An interesting read considering its kinky nature. I am a little put off by the addiction but find the son to be a compassionate man who must have loved his father deeply.
The Lady and the Unicorn by C. Sanchez-Garcia
When death walks into the door of the church, will it accept its place or find another one? Death begins to see there is more to life than taking it.
The church and its people will provide death a different understanding of its self. The casting out of the devil is an amazing event, celebrated for the salvation. Sometimes, the devil remains no matter how much one tries.
A disturbing story of true horror. The writing is vivid, but the horror overshadows any thought of the erotic.
The Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica 10 is a fairly uninteresting read. Some of the stories are so far out there I actually have to go look up the definition of erotica to be sure I am on track with expectations of the content when the word is in the title. I have struggled through the majority of the stories and will not look for any of the other Mammoth Books of Best New Erotica. I caution any reader to be sure they are ready to explore the kinks and horror of life, which most would find very offensive.
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