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ISBN#: 9781615722075/9781615722082
1992 / October 2010
Zebra / Damnation Books
Print/E Book
259 Pages
Romantic, Vampire, Paranormal
Rating: 4 Cups

The world has been all but destroyed by massive earthquakes unlike any before. People are desperate to survive the unspeakable horror of mass homelessness, hunger, the plague and the horror is about to get worse.

Emma has lost more than people she loves. Matthew struggles to accept his loses and retain some semblance of the man he once was. Together these two lonely souls will help each other survive if they can only accept the very worst of each other.

The world has been destroyed first by natural disasters of earth quakes and then by a direct result of man -- the plague. Emma fights what she has become and only wants to protect the very one she loves even if it means saving him from her inner demon and unquenchable thirst.

Follow Emma and the remaining survivors as the fabric of their lives is torn apart and reformed into something else entirely. Kathryn Meyer Griffith is a writer who will give the reader nightmares. She takes the greatest fears of humanity and throws it in our faces. I for one will never forget the incredible story of devastation and the last gasping breath of humanity.

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