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ISBN: (13)9780373443482-Paperback/ 9781426836350-Ebook
July 1, 2009
Steeple Hill Books, an imprint of Harlequin
Paperback/ Ebook
$5.50 (US) $6.50 (CAN)-Paperback/ $4.95-Ebook
219 Pages
Inspirational Romantic Suspense
Rating: 4 Cups

Kenzie Thorn has a job in the local prison, but not as a guard. Instead, she teaches classes so the inmates have a chance to get their GED and maybe have a better life once they get out.

Myles Parson is the newest prisoner to enter the teachers classes. With only two weeks before the test takes place, he is not expected to make the grade the first time. But Myles has an agenda of his own, one that the pretty teacher does not know about.

After another long and tiring day, Kenzie is kidnapped by none other than Myles. When he states that he really is not who everyone thinks he is, she refuses to listen to his excuses. As they continue deeper into hiding, she comes to realize that he may really be the FBI agent assigned to protect her from those who want her dead. If she can trust a prison inmate, who is it that cannot be trusted? Is it someone who is closer than they think?

Ms. Johnson has a story that has some interesting and unique elements about it. The Kidnapping of Kenzie Thorn is a book about a woman who believes in those who may not be deemed safe for society. Kenzie’s belief in the goodness of mankind on a whole was very refreshing and nice to read about. Myles’ faith in God and good overtaking evil was also a good factor within this story. This is a satisfactory story that has all of the fine qualities of a nice and thrilling action and romantic suspense tale.

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