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ISBN# 9781558856035
March 31, 2011
Arte Publico Press
Trade Paperback
196 pages
Rating: 3 cups


Laura Reyes passes by Allen Foster’s home every day on her way to work. One morning, Allen notices Laura because she is no longer wearing her trademark red jacket and works up the courage to approach her.

This story has such vivid descriptions and the writing comes to life as the reader turns each page.


Evan meets Mia at a party. He admires her ability to make a room miss her when she leaves it. One night, he is thrown into a situation where he gets to spend more than just a moment in her presence. He tells her how he feels about her and the fire is lit.

Mia is a woman who speaks her mind, but the reader gets a deeper look into this lady’s soul.


Penny is tired of all the complaints at her job. She is simply a cashier, yet she has to bear the brunt of the customers’ problems with the store. Fed up, Penny quits. She meets Noah, a man who is familiar, yet a stranger.

Penny’s story is alive with such beauty. It is hard to not fall in love with this story.


Joan is a writer with one novel written, but writer’s block has set in. Her agent is hounding Joan about her next book, but the inspiration to write refuses to appear. Then, Joan misplaces her favorite jacket. A handsome man, Malcolm, returns it, and her brand new story comes together.

This is a story of emotions. The feelings Joan is having are such a tangible character that the reader is drawn into the story.


Susie is Joan’s muse. Her real name is Clio, daughter of Zeus, and she is the muse of history and heroic poetry. Her jealousy becomes too much, and she must face the consequences of her actions. Lucky for her, Joan remembers her and honors her memory.

A continuation of Indigo, this story also continues the emotion. However, the jealousy Clio feels toward Joan’s relationship with Malcolm is painful to the reader’s heart.


Emma is in the hospital following an accident. She had died, but was brought back to life. When her boyfriend, Andrew, returns her jacket, she is able to remember the day of the accident.

Emma has a wicked sense of self, and I definitely admired that trait.


Faith is Emma’s best friend. She is helping Emma now that she is home from the hospital. It is hard for Faith because for three years she has been in love with Emma, and Emma does not feel the same way.

It is hard to see Emma from Grey in such a sad place, but Faith’s determination to pull Emma from her pity party makes this story one worth reading.


Audrey has been beaten by her boyfriend for the last time. She has had enough and is ready to start her life over. Filing a restraining order against her now ex-boyfriend is the first step.

Meeting Audrey in Brown, I truly thought she was clumsy. It was inspirational to see the strength within this woman.


Clara has always had a feeling that her husband, Jeremy, is cheating. Not until Jeremy’s brother, Jack, confirms it does Clara know for sure. Sometimes you just marry the wrong person.

This is not my favorite story because of the cheating. I, however, understand that your life’s journey leads you down a path to get you to the person you need to find.

Each story takes the reader into small piece of each woman’s life. Each chapter is named after the color of the woman’s jacket. Sometimes the jacket plays a big part in the story. Other times, it is a minor player. The colors represent many things from love and warmth to coldness and death, but one of the major threads is finding love in the places you sometimes forget to look. Seeing these women through other’s eyes makes them feel real as you turn each page. Ms. DeJesus takes the reader on a journey through life, love and colors they will carry with them when they close the back cover.

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