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ISBN# 9781619500860
September 2013
Gypsy Publishing Company
204 Pages
Contemporary, Paranormal
Rating: 3 Cups

Jay is shocked to find love, but Anna comes into his life and reshapes it. In the beginning he was unsure about loving Anna, but now has no clue how he could live without her.

Anna is unsure of the choices she made, but loves Jay. When life throws a curve ball, Anna must be at peace with fate.

Fate has a plan for Anna and Jay and the best they can do is see it through despite the pain.

The Haunted Spring is an interesting story of love, life, and loss. It is a lesson for those who think their life is not enough. I was unsure in the beginning what it was the author was trying to say but I soon came to understand. The families are a depiction of families around the world. Despite thinking I knew how it would all end, the author threw in a twist. There is paranormal in the story but it is subtle and plays more of a role in the end. The beginning of the book was slow but picked up speed towards the end.

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