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ISBN#: Unavailable
February 2010
Written Expressions
30 Pages
Erotic romance, contemporary, foreign country
Rating: 4 Cups

Salima has been sold at a young age to the general who will use her as barter to gain favor with the Sultan. Despite this transaction she finds as she grows that the General is all that she wants.

The General is trapped by a circumstance of his own making. Salima has become the woman of his dreams and he only wishes to keep her for himself.

The owner and the owned have come a long way through the years and now can only see a bleak future without each other. Will the Sultan release Salima or keep her for himself?

The General’s Treasure is an interesting take on a barbaric practice from the past. Few stories on such a subject end as positively as this one and contain no abuse. It is a refreshing take on an age old story with an ending that is unexpected for the subject matter. Ana Star writes a delightful tale that will change a reader’s view of the past.

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