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The Fury


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Time Walkers, Book One
ISBN: 9781605042138-eBook/ 9781605043432-Print
October 2008-eBook/ August 2009-Print
Samhain Publishing, LTD
EBook/ Print
$5.50-eBook/ $14.00-Print
277 Pages-eBook/ 264 Pages-Print
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Reese Whittaker is minding her own business when she is tackled from behind. The man who has saved her from an unknown attacker is unlike any person she has met before.

Not only is Dagan not human, he is a Sumerian god as well as Time Walker. His job is to protect Reese from being taken by the Underworld leader Kur without interacting with her.

Once he makes contact, Dagan realizes that it is going to be hard to keep his hands to himself. Something about Reese is different from other women and her body calls to him with a sensual song that makes him want to take her over and over. This would mean going against the council; something he is willing to do if it means claiming Reese as his mate. Even as The Fury overtakes all reasoning for Dagan, Kur continues his quest to kidnap Reese and destroy her in his vow for revenge against one of her ancestors.

What a fascinating tale The Fury is. The world that Ms. McBride opens up for the reader is rich in detail and distinctive to this story. The added element of how egotistical and overbearing many of the gods act makes this seem more than just fiction as I can just imagine how they would feel superior to us mere humans. The other characters added fuel to this fiery book and left me hoping that when the next novel comes out some of them would be repeat players in the battle of good versus evil. This tale left a great impression on me and I cannot wait to see where this author takes me next.

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