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Alliance Series

Book 1: The First Born
Book 2: The Alliance

ISBN # 9781615722136
October 2010
Eternal Press
314 Pages
Time Travel, Paranormal, Science Fiction, Adventure, Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Dael is a nearly immortal telepath exiled from her “hive” and residing in a humanoid host. When the host, Samara, forces her own personality to come forward, Dael allows herself to share the host, and they each learn from each other.

Peter is a warrior who has survived almost a century and has learned to travel telepathically. He uses this telepathy to find Dael on the psychic plane, teaches her how to grow, and eventually become a corporal on her own. 

Together physically and telepathically, the couple have a son, Karrel who helps them fight the hive and then fight alongside his own love, Gabrielle, in another place and time.

The First Born is an interesting book with a large number of characters, plots, and subplots, all combined to be an interesting science fiction story. The details are what make the book work, but this is not a book to read in one sitting. With multiple personalities and locations, readers have to pay attention to what is happening to fully enjoy the story. The strategic actions are shown in scenes that are engaging and keep readers wanting more. The dialogues change according to time and place and this helps keep the book moving. The romance ranges from sweet to desperate longing for a lover. The villains are completely bad and enjoy being tyrannical. What lessened my overall enjoyment was the use of the “Pontiff” for a bad guy—I feel the author was pompous for failing to use a dictionary as the term has more than one meaning.  Other than this problem, The First Born is an excellent start to what looks like a clever series.

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