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Wolf Harem Series

Book 1: Second Chance Bite
Book 2: Spence’s Secret
Book 3: Dying Assassin
Book 4: The Final Addition

Wolf Harem, Book 4
ISBN: 9781614956259
May 2012
Silver Publishing
166 Pages
Werewolves, Gay, Ménage, Paranormal, Alternate World, Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Spence is the alpha of his pack with Ryder, Ethan, Luc and Dean making up the rest of the family. An unfortunate incident leads to Dallas becoming a reluctant member of the Harem.

The addition of Dallas may be more than the Harem can withstand. He may be the catalyst that changes all their lives. Dallas is standing on the outside looking inside something he has always wanted. Can he leave his old life and begin anew?

Spence questions the love of the one man who comes before the others and may just leave Dallas out in the cold. Can the Harem offer Dallas a home or is it more than the bed can handle?

Although Wolf Harem has sizzling hot man on man loving, it leaves me sort of out in the cold. It is difficult to understand the intricate relationships that hold these men together. To understand these nuances, it is advisable to read the books in sequence. Often I get lost in trying to figure out who is who, which is not explained until the end when I finally got them straight. As a fan of Joyee Flynn, I find cameo appearances of authors inspirational and full of positive feelings. Had I read all the books, I would have kept up and thoroughly enjoyed the story, not wasted time to figure out who the characters were.

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