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ISBN# 9781771301602
Evernight Publishing
170 Pages
Erotic Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Destined Lovers
Suzanne is haunted by a nightmare, which feels all too real. Even stranger is that the man of her dreams resembles her new neighbor.

Drake knows destiny will have its way. An inevitable meeting of his eternal love, an undeniable curse and a witch will have him at all costs. Fate will declare the winner.

Destiny is inescapable. This time, Drake is determined he and Suzanne will break free. Shocked at the witch’s identity, Suzanne understands choices will decide the confrontation ahead.

Destined Lovers is a tangled web of past and present. Readers need to remain on their toes to keep up and embrace destiny.

Atone for the Moon
Lucy is hearing voices. Worse, she is responding to them. When strange events begin to occur, she is sure she is losing her mind.

Nick has made a mistake once, and both he and Lucy have paid the price. Little does he know there is a different plan.

Lucy must accept her true nature. Nick must show he has learned to follow rules. Only by passing the test will they gain more than they could imagine.

Atone for the Moon is an interesting twist to a sexy love story. Ms. McCallen tells love stories full of spice and with the devil himself.

Property Lines
Celeste loves protecting her pack and her territory, if only the alpha's son would leave her alone. After the mate hunt, she will never have to worry again.

Adam is unable to leave the little witch alone. She has messed with him and his wolf, and now he is going to show her who is alpha.

Celeste and Adam are sure their one night of passion is enough, but the pull of the mating moon just may be their downfall. Adam will accept fate, or his wolf will do it for him. Celeste must decide if she will accept the alpha’s arrogant son.

Though the ending of Property Lines is rather abrupt, I absolutely love Celeste and Adam. I have smiled all the way through it because every page is full of love.

Gypsy Butterfly
Nali is finally settled. The gypsy life she has once led is over, and she is happy with the land she cares for. Her little enterprise, Mr. Bowman and nature are all she needs until the stranger arrives.

Michael has no wish to scare Nali, but a storm is coming and she is unaware. All the years of waiting have come to an end, so he approaches her as a tenant. In reality, he is there as a protector.

It is said that Nali, a child born during the blood moon, is cursed to die during the blood moon. Because of the curse, she has always been shunned, but Michael seems to be determined to be there for her when no one else ever has.

If the beginning of Gypsy Butterfly is a mass of confusion, soon the story begins to take shape and readers find Nali and Michael enthralling. The storms are coming, and readers feel as tossed by them as the characters.

The Black Widow
Cursed to live as a black widow for more than a century, Ariadne has killed every man she has been with. The man she has once loved is long dead, but this year is her chance to break the curse and finally move on.

Harry has spent his immortal life searching for the women he loves. He has her to thank for being Vampyr, but has no regrets and only wishes to find his beloved.

A chance meeting provides the last opportunity to break the curse. There is another bound by the same curse–the sacrifice of the first born. A curse long denied will finally end, and it is possible no one will remain alive.

The Black Widow is a heart wrenching story of undeniable love and the bitter acid of jealousy. The ending is the least expected one, but will offer a view of true love and sacrifice. Ms. Grey provides an intriguing story of love and loss during the blood moon.

The Eclipse of the Blood Moon offers an outstanding mixture of stories that portray the blood moon either as a curse or as a blessing. Each story is an adventure for the readers’ soul. The book is a beautifully erotic mix of characters with love lost and found in everyone. I highly recommend this rare anthology of stories by talented authors determined to entertain emotionally.

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