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Sweet Justice Series
Book 1 - Evil Without A Face
Book 2 - The Wrong Side of Dead
Book 3 - The Echo of Violence

A Sweet Justice Novel, Book 3
ISBN: 9780061474149
September 2010
Avon Books
353 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

She does not kid herself into believing that a real working relationship is viable for a woman in her position, but Alexa Marlowe still has needs like everyone else. The men in her life are fleeting, and that usually works for her, until a man from her past reappears.

In his line of work, Jackson Kincaid can count on one hand how many people he can trust and still have fingers left over. His low profile is a necessity to staying alive, but someone knows his name and is using innocent lives to get to him.

Alexa never thought she would hear Jackson’s name again after he completely fell off the grid, but now he needs help, and whether he likes it or not, the Sentinels are his only hope. When Alexa arrives in Haiti with her team, she finds Jackson a little worse for wear but willing to stop at nothing to save the innocent hostages being held and tortured by terrorists. Now, she not only must head up a rescue mission, but she has to keep Jackson alive in the process. With fever wracking his body, Jackson will work to his last breath to stop the vicious killer who has taken one of the few people he calls friend, and God help anyone who gets in his way, including Alexa.

The hair-raising events depicted in this story are made all the more terrifying when written by an author who can drop you into the heart of the action and do it subtly and skillfully. The horrors suffered by the hostages make you want to rage against their captors right along with Jackson and Alexa, but beyond that commonality, these two are an enigma. They are fiery and passionate in their quest for justice; however, both of them harbor so many secrets it is hard to get into their heads. You want so badly for them to find solace in each other, and yet many of the questions they raise are still to be answered.

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