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The Lost Shifters
Book 1: Primal Passions
Book 2: A Feral Christmas
Book 3: Savage Awakenings
Book 4: Carnal Intentions
Book 5: A Wicked Caress
Book 6: Ruthless Pursuit
Book 7: A Tempting Distraction
Book 8: A Shifter Christmas
Book 9: An Assassin's Touch
Book 10: Shane's Fury
Book 11: Riley's Regret
Book 12: Ranger's Folly
Book 13: Chance's Vindication
Book 14: Russell's Reversal
Book 15: Fangs, Fur and Snowballs
Book 16: Gage's Awakening
Book 17: A Very Shaney Valentine's Day
Book 18: Colby and the Little Wolf
Book 19: North's Complication
Book 20: When Tatum Got Bit By The Spider
Book 21: Shane's Inner Anger
Book 22: A Christmas for Ava
Book 23: Ackley's Savior
Book 24: Doc Featherstone's Return
Book 25: Kallen's Atonement
Book 26: Skye's Limits
Book 27: The Trials of Gregg
Book 28: Assassin Found
Book 29: Kit's Return

The Lost Shifters, Book 30
ISBN#: 9781771119337
May 2014
EXtasy Books
116 Pages
Erotic Romance, Gay, GLBT, Paranormal, Shapeshifter
Rating: 5 Cups

From the time Marty discovered what he was inside, he has hidden that part of him. One night on campus he is attacked by stinky dudes who turn out to be Ravens. Now his life is forever altered and he is not sure it is a good thing.

Lawson is unable to walk away when he sees Ravens attacking one lone man. When the fight is over and the dust settles he realizes Marty is one of the Lost Shifters.

Lawson is determined to reunite Marty those who are searching for him. Marty is determined to return to his life, but soon realizes life as he knows it just may be over. Can he accept a different way of life?

Ms. Hecht is an outstanding writer who creates a whole world for the reader to immerse themselves in. The storyline is engaging and the reunions are worth reading about. The romance between Marty and Lawson is the main story, but the second stories are just as enticing and lure the reader in to reading the series just to see what happens next. Reading The Defeat of Lawson is an experience no romantic should miss.

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