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Valentine Valley

Book 1: A Town Called Valentine
Book 2: True Love at Silver Creek Ranch
Book 3: The Cowboy of Valentine Valley
Book 4: The Promise of Bluebell Hill
Book 5: Sleigh Bells in Valentine Valley

Book 1: A Wedding in Valentine
Book 2: The Christmas Cabin
Book 3: When the Rancher Came to Town

Valentine Valley, Book 3
ISBN#: 9780062242518/9780062242525
February 2014
Harper Collins Publishing
384 Pages
Romance, Contemporary Cowboy
Rating: 5 Cups

Whitney is a woman of privilege who lives a life of wealth, but she has chosen to do something with her life besides being a gentile lady who works for charities. Valentine is a small town with a slower pace and a different culture than the one she has known, but cowboy Josh makes her see that small towns have something unique to offer a city girl.

Josh is a simple man who feels privileged to live and work his family's ranch which has withstood the test of time for five generations. Whitney comes to town and makes him see he really would like to have a taste of the finer things in life.

What starts as business soon veers into pleasure. Whitney and Josh come from and reside in two very different worlds. Can these two dynamic individuals find their way to each other, or will Whitney leave the comfort of a small town for the bright lights of the big city?

Valentine Valley is a picturesque setting for a beautiful love story. Josh is a sexy cowboy and seeing him through Whitney's eyes is a moving experience. The town is utterly adorable and invites the reader to come in and sit down to hear a tale of times gone by. The intimate atmosphere and an awareness that in a small town everyone knows your business is a wonderfully inviting idea because everyone knows when you need help even when you are unwilling to ask for it. Emma Cane has created a world which appeals to the most jaded at heart. I highly recommend a visit to Valentine Valley and the love of Josh and Whitney.

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