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ISBN: 978-1-936165-84-1
March 18, 2011
Purple Sword Publications
182 Pages
Mainstream Romance, M/M Contemporary
Rating: 5 Cups

The scars on the outside of Charlie Baker’s body will be a lifelong reminder of what trusting the wrong person can do to you. He nearly lost his life for that mistake, and it is one he never wants to repeat.

He misses his family and friends back home in California, but Gregory Anders is pretty content with his life right now. There has not been anyone special since Rachel, and though it hurt when she left, he can now say it just did not feel right with her.

Samson’s exuberant puppy-ness is the best icebreaker when it comes to meeting new people, but Gregory can see it will take more than that to get Charlie to accept him as a friend. The pain that radiates from Charlie is more than physical, and for the first time in Gregory’s life, he is noticing a man in more than just a friendly manner. Gregory is not gay, he said so himself, but Charlie is picking up vibes that speak otherwise, and the growing need to be with this wonderful man is terrifying him. Getting over his sexual confusion is not the huge hurtle Gregory expected, but Charlie’s fears are, and he may be forced to leave behind something that he will likely never recover from.

A man of Gregory’s age switching teams should be hard to imagine, but within the scope of this story it is amazingly believable. It just clicks between him and Charlie, and you can feel that in the way they banter, argue, and ultimately make love to one another. They are like your best friend who can finish your sentences, order your favorite pizza, and bemoan all your troubles to. I love their heat, their humor, and most of all their heart. This will be one of those stories that will stick with me, and have me coming back for more.

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