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ISBN# 978-1-77233-729-7
February 19, 2016
Ever Night Teen
97 Pages
Romance, Contemporary
Rating: 2 Cups

Hadley’s ex-boyfriend is moving from just plain annoying to stalking her. He sends her flowers, tries to force her to kiss him, and appears wherever she might be in school. Hadley has tried everything she can think of to let him know that after he cheated on her there was no future between them. Finally, when she sees him walking towards her she comes up with the perfect solution to her problem. Without even looking she grabs the guy next to her and kisses him hard, right in front of her ex-boyfriend.

Tyler is stunned to find Hadley’s lips on his, but does not resist her or push her away. Tyler is known as a playboy around the school; he never commits to a woman for more than a night and is completely out of Hadley’s league. Yet he cannot deny the attraction he feels for her; he recognizes what a special girl Hadley is, having known her since they were four years old.

Tyler comes up with a plan to help both himself and Hadley out of their situations: they should pretend to date each other. Hadley’s ex will finally realize they are over and Tyler’s mom will stop threatening to send him to military school for his partying ways. Hadley takes some convincing but eventually she agrees and is stunned by the attention Tyler gives her even when no one else is around.

This story is supposed to take place in high school (senior year), but Tyler seems far too mature for a high school kid. He has a significant amount of freedom at home, his parents do not bat an eye that he attends parties where he drinks after football games. His change from playboy to Mr. Commitment happened way too fast for me. Perhaps if Tyler and Hadley had been friends throughout school I would see how the transition happened once he started dating her, but this was not the case. They barely spoke prior to Hadley kissing him in the hallway yet within days he was admitting he was falling for her. The story jumped very quickly without covering much time which just seemed unrealistic to me.

Reviewed by Heather
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