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Part of The Pleasure Club multi-author series
ISBN: 9781600888304
June 2013
Cobblestone Press, LLC
29 Pages
BDSM Contemporary
Rating: 3 Cups

Filling out the application is hard enough. Now Chelsea Nelson has to decide if she has the guts to go really through with it.

The scene is set and Dean Peterson is ready to play the game.

A rocker chick with attitude would not be this nervous, so Chelsea needs to buck up and take it. She does the deed. Now it is time to pay the price. Dean will make sure she gets exactly what she needs.

This story feels like biting into a luscious piece of chocolate, only to find out it is hollow on the inside. It is definitely a fun read. Add a little filling, though, and it could be so much more. In my opinion, Chelsea's character is too much like a thirteen year old trying to act like she is thirty, without the maturity to be playing these types of games. I do like that Dean sets her straight, giving her the opportunity to see where her actions could really hurt her.

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