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ISBN#: 9780983198888/9780983198895
July 2011
Brazen Snake Books
272 Pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 4 Cups

Monica is on the run from a very bad man; her father. During another long line of escapes, she lands in the arms of a biker.

Harley has problems of his own. Maybe Monica can help him out and he can give her a place to run to instead of away from.

Monica has nothing to lose and Harley has everything to gain. At the end of the day they will both wonder if the truth can truly set you free. The determination of a mad man pitted against the conviction of Harley and Monica leads them all down the road with no clear destination.

The Biker’s Wench offers the reader a ride of their life. The back seat of Monica’s life is an uncomfortable but rewarding ride. From the first introduction to Monica I was rooting for her to finally gain her freedom. Harley is so hot and hard to resist as the knight on a shiny chrome hog. The perfect story for readers who dream of a hero wrapped in leather.

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