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ISBN#: 9780758247353
September 2010
Kensington Books
336 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

The Howling

Liv Lugaru is having nightmares of beasts and wolves. After being left alone with the death of the man she loves she settles for his brother. Scarbrough holds not a shred of the passion Sebastian inspired but thinks he will do.

Sebastian has been betrayed by both his brother and the woman he loved. He is forced to live in his other form for healing purposes but he keeps an eye on Liv to ensure her safety.

Liv has no idea that the love of her life watches from the forest. Sebastian has no clue that there is more to the story than he could ever imagine. Can Liv get over the shock and can Sebastian get past what he sees as betrayal?

Erin McCartney pens a wonderful love story. Though there is a lot of emotional angst there is also a wealth of adventure packed into The Howling. The Howling is an excellent fit for an anthology about the Beasts Within.

Smoke on the Water

Donna Sullivan is an unlikely member of a top-secret military team that hunts for zombies. She is immune to the zombie therefore she is drafted and partnered with John in the fight to stop the madness.

John is a soldier through and through. He has no idea what to make of Donna but he does know he would like to put his hands on her in more than one way.

Donna and John are forced to rely on each other for their survival. The only problem is they have little trust and boat loads of lust. Unfortunately for them they must learn to put it all aside and work together or the zombies will rule the world.

Smoke in the Water is an outstanding story and perfect for an anthology aptly names The Beast Within. I found the romance between Donna and John perfect for the storyline and in no way detracted from the drama of the story. Bianca D’Arc also gives the reader chills with the realistic possibility of zombies in a world of medicine gone wrong.

Redeeming the Wizard

Mira Tate is seeking her missing Grandmother. The last person she wants to ask for help is the only person who can help her.

Gage Remington feels no need or obligation to help Mira locate her missing grandmother. Unfortunately it appears that Mira may be the only answer to his magical malfunction.

Mira hates Gage for killing her parents. Only Gage knows the truth behind her parent’s death. It is only together that Gage and Mira will find the answers both seek and defeat the dark wizard who holds Mira’s grandmother.

Redeeming the Wizard is a sexy love story. It starts out with the angst of miscommunication and self doubt and progresses to a love that will save Gage and Mira. I found the story engaging and easy to read which led to me galloping through the story just to see what happens. Jennifer Lyon provides a story that is pure magic.

All of the stories in The Beast Within anthology are excellent selections. They provide a perfect amount of entertainment and fodder for any person’s fantasies. I found all the stories expertly written and captivating. The character development in each was done with a talent that enables the reader to root for each character from the very first page. The Beast Within is a fantastical and magical read that no one should pass up.

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