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ISBN#: 9781603943765
November 2009
New Concepts Publishing
61 Pages
Erotic, BDSM
Rating: 5 Cups

Maura is a detective investigating the suicide of several women who were last known to hang at the BDSM club Noir. In her determination for answers she illegally gains entrance into the mansion of club owner Daegon and comes face to face with the man himself, or more accurately the demon.

Daegon is a demon incubus who takes Maura as his next slave. He finds in her nourishment unparalleled by any previous mortal slave, but is he willing to risk the wrath of his master for her.

Maura and Daegon are locked in a battle of wills. She finds that she is unwilling to just run from Daegon and all that he is. Daegon will risk any punishment to spend a moment of time with her. Together they must come to trust each other and risk it all in order to find a future together.

I found the complexities of emotions in the story engaging. I hated Daegon but once the author gave me a view of him through Maura’s eyes I found myself hoping for a happy ending. Desiree Acuna is a skilled writer and reaches into a person and makes them question just how much they would sacrifice for love. The scenes between Maura and Daegon are erotic to say the least. She has converted me to a fan of her writing and I will eagerly look for her books in the future. I recommend that if anyone would like an erotic novel with bite that they give The Beast Master’s Slave a read.

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