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ISBN: 978-1-936394-41-8
October 29, 2010
Decadent Publishing
268 Pages
Contemporary romance, paranormal, time travel, historical romance
Rating 3 cups

Lisa’s life is mundane. Working at an Ohio factory and recovering from a nasty breakup, she can think of a lot of great ways to spend her first day off in forever. Like sleeping. But her best friend has other plans, namely taking her to a SCA event and dropping her in the arms of a knight in shining armor. Literally.

Sir Phillip is a knight of the realm. When he sees the fair maid in the dress his dead sister so long ago wore offering up a scrap of pink sequined fabric, he moves to her side to take it and her heart.

But the real world looms with real demand, shattering the realm of knights and their ladies with the realities of old relationship baggage, work and an upcoming SCA tournament. Will Lisa and Phil get past all this and slip into a romance spawned in epic fantasy? Or will bitter reality turn this shining knight into a pile of rust?

Blending satin, velvet and brocade with denim, Layne weaves a romantic story of life imitating fiction and passion that ignites with the granting of a favor from a lady to her knight errant. Although this story was passionate and funny all in one beat, the beginning dragged a bit and the author switched tenses in a confusing manner. Great story and characters, but it could have been tightened up to become breathtaking.

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