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ISBN: 9781611521412
JMS Books, LLC
Paperback / E-Book
193 Pages
Anthology, Contemporary, Erotica, Historical, Gay Fiction, Lesbian, Paranormal, Transgender
Rating: 4 Cups

Making Camp

Nick is a city boy through and through, so what in the world is he doing accepting an invitation to go camping?

The trips to fix his coworker’s computer are coming too frequently for Max to ignore, and it is time to make his move.

With a little indelicate prodding from Em, and a few well planned threats, Nick says yes to Max. They take off for a weekend of communing with nature, and Nick never realized roughing it could be so tantalizing.

This is a nice sizzling little starter to get you in the mood.

Good Breeding

As much as he loves his parents, Giles really wants to know where he came from.

Although he really likes Giles, Oz has a hard time watching his friend hurt, even when he brings some of it on himself.

While meeting his birth mum is not the experience Giles anticipated, it does bring him closer to the truth. He is a snob, and his good friend, Oz, could be just what he needs to grow up.

Giles is over-the-top, and you will get a kick out of him and his buddy Oz.

A Naughty Trip

A porn star and a librarian sound like the beginning of a joke, but for Scott this is no laughing matter.

Anton is baffled that someone so sexy could be into him, but their time together says it all.

A trip to Scott’s homeland is too long to wait, and these two men make the most of every opportunity.

Hot, hot, hot! The mile high club never looked so appealing!

Beside the Sea

As Ella is trying to get up the nerve to walk into the tattoo parlor, a sexy little distraction comes walking out.

Never one to shy away, Candy easily strikes up a conversation with the pretty stranger.

One moment she is contemplating getting a tattoo, and the next Ella is sitting next to the hot little pixy having lunch. What happens next goes beyond her wildest fantasies.

A private beach bungalow is the perfect setting for two sexy young ladies doing lunch.

Fighting Cocks

Peter Anston finds himself the head of his household at eighteen, and it could not come at a worse time.

He does not mind helping his dad with the Fighting Cocks Tavern, but there are times Norman Early really wants to be free to do his own thing.

The time and place is such that Peter and Norman know they can never have more than a few stolen moments. They might not be able to openly express what they feel, but their hearts know.

Clandestine meetings might be all they ever have, but Peter and Norman fill this story with love and sincerity.

The Utterly True Story of Guy Alien and the Rise and Fall of His Band X-Wing

He has this image in his head and Guy will not stop until his band is exactly what it is meant to be.

James recalls his time with Guy as one would while dealing with a wayward child.

Guy finds that the music industry will eat you up and spit you out if you cannot change with the times, and this is something he has a very hard time doing. He sets James aside for something more conforming, and in the end, he finds himself right where he started.

As James reflects on Guy’s career you feel his sense of fondness if not exasperation with a man who could not be true to himself.

Fantasy Man

A handy man Mack is not, but the thought of asking his neighbor for help has his nerves going berserk.

Relationships like his and Victoria’s are not all that common, and Alex is not sure how to go about explaining it.

With a body like Alex has, Mack has enough fuel to fan the flames of his fantasies, but he would never take it further than that. The decision is taken out of his hands, however, and the result shakes him to his core.

I totally agree with Mack’s reaction and his decision. I feel it makes the story much more real.

On the Pull

With his buddies waiting for a fresh beer, Tom Swan gets ready to put on his show.

Catching the bartender’s eye, Hugh lets his feelings be known.

Tom sees the Sutton’s batter eyeing him up, and he wishes the bar were just a little less crowded, as some people do not know how to keep their opinions to themselves. Hugh has had enough as well, and when Tom steps out, he gets his opportunity.

These two could put on a performance for me anytime. Great chemistry and good beer, what better combination could you want?

Frozen Angel

Getting distracted from his real purpose for being at St. Mary’s, Joe cannot resist sitting and drawing the beautifully sculpted angel.

The young man is so absorbed in his sketch that Ryan has time to watch and wonder.

Joe startles when someone comes up to him, but it is not every day a gorgeous young man approaches him like this. Ryan cannot just let Joe walk away, and yet he knows their time together is limited.

So sweet and moving, this story just squeezes the heart.

Silent Witness

When they met it was all fire and passion, and Liam has loved every minute since.

Davin took a chance, but his feelings were too strong to disregard.

This cannot be happening, but Liam fears the worst. He takes the time to remember, and knows that is all he will have left.

The anguish in this story is just stunning, and it makes you wish you could fix everything for Liam.

Sweet Temptation

He had noticed all too often the man mowing the lawn, and yet Philip knew he would never have the nerve to speak to him.

Too many times he let it go by, but this time Nathan makes a move.

Philip is too shocked to speak when Nathan calls out to him, and he almost turns tail and runs. The church is a haven of peace, but this time Philip is going to stop himself from making it a place to hide.

Philip is so shy it almost hurts to watch the battle as he tries to overcome his fear and finally explore his feelings.

A Matter of Opinion

He would never deny anyone the right to their own views, but Rick is completely fed up with having to hear them day in and day out.

It is never easy to work with someone whose whole life centers on degrading people, and Steve can understand Rick’s desire to squash their coworker.

Getting some air before he does something rash turns out to be the highlight of Rick’s day. He would never out himself at work, although after an evening with Steve, he is beginning to realize that he deserves to be as happy as the next guy.

Rick and Steve work with a real pig, and despite this, it is great to see them rise above and enjoy each other.

Jeu d’Esprit

Working in the charity shop, Matthew Merryweather has noticed the oddly handsome man pass by, but has never had the nerve to approach him.

It took a lot out of him when his partner died, and since then Benjamin Smith has led a rather quiet life.

Feeling quite maudlin, Matthew leaves the wedding festivities for a trip to the pond, and though he does not expect company, he finds himself glad to have it. He and Ben speak of some very intimate things in the short time they stay by the pond, but it has a profound effect on both of them.

A pleasantly sweet conversation leads you to believe and hope for more for Ben and Matthew.

What Katy Did on Holiday

Before school is in session once again it is time to get out and explore her world, although Katy Parker is not quite sure where to start.

She travels with her aunt and does illustrations for her books, but Helena feels the need for something more in her life.

Katy cannot believe her good fortune when she learns that her favorite author is doing a book signing near her hotel, and that is only the beginning. Katy and Helena hit it off right away, but they both know anything more will have to be put on hold.

That spark of instant attraction glows bright between Katy and Helena, and you long to learn more of their story.

Riding with Hob

Not quite expecting the turn his little vacation is taking, Mark is nonetheless intrigued.

Moving along with the troupe, the dancer notices a man on the fringes of the crowd, and is drawn to his side.

Mark is seeing things that cannot be real, but he is too excited to care. If this is a dream, he never wants it to stop.

A little surreal and complicated for such a short story, and yet it makes me wish for more.

Bloody Mathematicians

He cannot stand the thought of that man, but Jonty Stewart can hardly think of anything else.

They had a most massive row, and yet Orlando Coopersmith has a hard time recalling exactly what it was about.

They are driving themselves and everyone around them nuts with their bickering, so it is up to a little subterfuge from their friends to make things right. Jonty and Orlando never see it coming, but the end result is heaven for all involved.

Like an old married couple, Jonty and Orlando’s argument blows completely out of proportion, but it is fun to see them make up.

We’ll always have Brighton #2

He never thought he could hurt his lover so badly, but he did, and it will stay with him forever.

This is not at all his proudest moment as he realizes he can forgive just about anything to get his partner back.

Lying here is the best and worst thing he has ever experienced, but he would not give it up for the world. They have shared so much, and it is worth every ounce of pain to get past the hurt and move on, together.

This is an amazingly poignant story that even in such a condensed form it still has the ability to form a lump in your throat.

Blooming Marvelous

It is always in him to create a stir, and today is no different for Ky Baptiste.

Embarrassed is way too modest a term for what James is feeling on this job.

Community service is almost like a badge of honor for Ky, but not so much for James. A respectable businessman should not be in this position, but Ky plans to put him in a few more that are a whole lot more compromising.

Ky is an absolute trip, and I love how he brings out the real personality in James.

This is an anthology meant for everyone with a love for the GLBT genre. I adore these authors, and these short stories are wonderful teasers by some really great writers. It is not often you will get a mix as good as this, so please take advantage of this wonderful opportunity. A little sexy, but mostly a lot of fun is to be found within each of these pages.

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