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Tasting Leon's Mark
Prequel to Tasting Leon's Mark: Re-scue

ISBN#: 9781603136907
April 2010
Whiskey Creek Press Torrid
324 Pages
Erotica; Contemporary; GLBT; Ménage; Paranormal
Rating: 2 Cups

Leon Sterling is the hunter, a man determined to get what he wants. And each and every time he does.

Sean Davis knows his lover takes female partners. Though it hurts to see him come home after each episode, he knows that there is no ultimatum he can make.

Janet works at her father’s body shop. She is tired of always attracting the wrong kind of men and is about ready to give up on men entirely.

Leon knows that each time he steps out on Sean to see women, it hurts him but he is looking for someone to join them. When he meets Janet he begins to see that she is the one. But Sean is gay and trying to convince his lover that touching a woman much less having sex with her is not repulsive. Can he get Sean to see his side of things and keep Janet from letting her heart get involved too deeply?

Tasting Leon’s Mark is definitely not all hearts and lovey dovey romance. I was slightly disappointed because Janet’s character seemed to be less important and almost an afterthought within the storyline. One example is that both Leon and Sean have a last name however I could not find one for Janet at all. Another aspect I had a hard time with is the almost abusive way that Leon treated Sean. It was like watching a man go out of his way to be neglectful and hurtful to the lover who loves him completely and with his whole heart. Ms. Tolomei writes with an edgy and dark voice, leaving the reader with the impression that love stories are not all sweet.

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