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Sweet Awakenings Series

Book 1: Sweet Redemption
Book 2: Sweet Salvation
Book 3: Sweet Vengeance
Book 4: Sweet Affliction

Sweet Awakenings, Book 4
ISBN: 9781619265493
May 2012
Siren Publishing
253 Pages
Erotic Contemporary Romance, HEA
Rating: 3 Cups

In a split second, Commander Nick Slater goes from enjoying a few days of R&R with his buddy Tom to swimming for his life. Only his training as a SEAL keeps him alive long enough to make it to shore, but with a bullet hole in his side, his time is running out.

Watching her father as the life slowly drains out of him from pancreatic cancer is the hardest thing A.J. Harwood has ever experienced. Her nerves and emotions are so ragged and raw, she can barely think. And no, she is in no way ready for what is about to come into her life.

Waking up bruised and battered is not completely foreign to Nick, but this is no training mission. The hole in his side is proof of the fact he should be dead. The angel who has kept him alive is living a nightmare of her own, and with Nick’s arrival it is only going to get worse. As A.J.’s world is thrown into chaos, she cannot believe she is feeling something so deep and passionate for a man she barely knows. Still denial is senseless. Assassins and gorgeous Navy SEALS are not her life, but the closer the killers get, the more A.J. realizes that a life without Nick would barely be worth living.

The reality of losing a parent is a painful and scary prospect for A.J., and her character shows proof of that as she swings from bouts of tears to anger to passion and back again. Even with the terror of being hunted down, I appreciate that she never loses sight of what she needs to do for her father. I would however like to know A.J. the woman and love interest, rather than just the caretaker. Nick’s character, on the other hand, is a stereotypical alpha male that has a macho need to keep his woman safe and out of harm’s way, even when he is in no shape to do so.

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