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Mimics of Rune Series

Book 1: Little White Lies
Book 2: Surrender

Mimics of Rune, Book 2
ISBN# (13)9781937744113/(13)9781937744106
September 2012
J. Taylor Publishing
351 Pages
Paranormal Shape-Shifter Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Lily is a mimic, so is used to being someone else that she is unsure who she is anymore. When someone takes her, starts calling her Angela, and a little boy names her Mommy, what can a mimic do but try to play the part? Only after she is taken, does she realize her feelings for Cael are enough to make her think of staying in one form, if she can just figure out why this woman Angela looks just like her.

Cael tries to be the friend Lily calls him, but after she disappears, he realizes the years together have changed his feelings. The thought of never seeing her again is more than he can handle. He will find Lily, fight whatever took her and bring her home safely. Too bad she is not willing to leave until she figures out the mystery of her identical twin.

Lily has never known to have a sister. Now she must find the woman, who is probably confused, and bring her home, together with her niece, also a mimic. They have seven days to solve the mystery or Lily will blend into her sister’s life and lose herself and Cael forever. Unfortunately, there is more to the story than meets the eye, so it is far more complicated that it appears.

Readers should eat their Wheaties before attempting to read Surrender. Ms. Laine drops them into the middle of the action and in the midst of foggy impressions of what is going on and why, which leaves readers bewildered and with the feeling of being behind from page one. Surrender is a-thrill-a-minute, a suspenseful story between good and evil with a paranormal twist. And I enjoy reading of a different kind of character, one that is not the usual werewolf or vampire. This is a truly enjoyable book with an interesting storyline as long as readers are prepared for some confusion. I would suggest reading the first book in the series, Little White Lies, for a better understanding.

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