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ISBN#: 9781419994944
February 12, 2016
Ellora’s Cave
262 Pages
Adult romance, contemporary
Rating: 2 Cups

Ava, Chris and Javier have been best friends for the last eight years, having attended high school and now college together. They have always been close; sharing their secrets, details about their sexual encounters, and even share a bed some nights when the boys do not want to go back to their dorm rooms. One night, after too much to drink, Javier professes his love for Ava. Initially Ava is thrilled because she has been in love with him for years just as he has with her. However, she cannot only be with Javier – her heart also belongs to Chris who happens to be lying in bed next to them.

After a slight outburst by Chris where he thinks that Javier and Ava are going to be a couple and leave him, the three decide to be together in a relationship. They take off for Ava’s family’s summer home for their break from college to explore their new relationship.

The time at the summer home provides a chance to explore a relationship between the three characters including the sexual component of their relationship. The author brings you through feelings of jealousy, love, drama and anger while these three change the way they have thought about one another.

For me, this book was like reading porn; there were many, many sex scenes most of which were repetitive. At times the sex felt cold and too clinical; they seemed to need to plan each act out rather than sometimes just letting their instincts kick in. There was very little plot; essentially the plot was Ava, Chris and Javier learning what a relationship between three people involves and how the vacation community reacted to seeing them out in public. There were repetitive phrases and scenes throughout the book which I found to be annoying and it distracted from the story itself. There was also very little closure despite the talk about what things would be like once they returned to school. I would have liked to see an epilogue written about where the three were a few months down the road. How did their local community react (if at all) to their relationship? How did their families react? What happened after college graduation which was in eight short months?

Contains light bondage, graphic (consensual) sex and group sex (3 individuals)

Reviewed By Heather
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