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Midnight Matings Series

Book 1: Squeak & a Roar by Joyee Flynn
Book 2: Scales & a Tail by Stormy Glenn
Book 3: Fire & Ash by Gabrielle Evans
Book 4: Two Fangs & a Hoof by Joyee Flynn
Book 5: Myth & Mischief by Gabrielle Evans
Book 6: Fang & Fur by Stormy Glenn
Book 7: Fantasy, Legend and the Guardian
Book 8: Spells and Bananas
Book 9: White Paws and A Dream
Book 10: Fur and Flightless
Book 11: Sparkle and Purr
Book 12: Howl and Harmony
Book 13: Splash and Elegance
Book 14: Monsters and Mayhem
Book 15: Stripes and Twin Horns

Midnight Matings, Book 15
ISBN#: 1619265044
February 2012
Siren-Bookstrand, Inc.
116 Pages
Erotic Romance, Alternative, M/M/M, Paranormal, Menage a Trois, Shape-Shifters
Rating: 4 Cups

Gilbert is a raccoon shifter who has been terribly abused his entire life. His mother sends him to the meeting called by the Elders in the hopes he would find a mate. Little did he know but he would draw the attention not just one man but that of two.

Blake and Drake are rare unicorn shifters who always assumed they would mate with another sets of twins. All those plans are scrapped when they both decide Gilbert is their mate and claims him.

Gilbert has no idea what love is or how to return any tender feelings. He closes himself off from his mate and causes a rift between himself and his mates. The abuser of his past shows up thinking Gilbert could never find a man to mate with and discovers not just one but two. Can Gilbert escape the pain of his past or is he destined to drag the past into his future?

Stripes and Twin Horns is a sweet story about pain and betrayal. I loved Drake and Blake because these characters seem like such strong men and the readers discovers they can be hurt and feel pain. Gilbert must learn to let go of the past and trust again and the rambling road to freedom seems to be rocky and happiness appears unattainable. The reader will become entranced by the pain and refuse to put the book down until they know the end of the story. I must warn once you have entered the doors of the Midnight Matings you will be unable to stop reading and will become horrible addicted to a wonderfully choreographed series about unsuspecting love.

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