Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN- 0984725008
November 2011
Monterey Press
274 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Melissa Moore, a TV news producer, has seen it all. Or at least she thinks she has. She thinks she can handle any situation from cranky bosses to the divas on the sets. But when a fist fight breaks out between two anchors on air, all hell breaks loose!

Melissa jumps in to save the day with help by co-anchoring after both anchors have been fired. But the added pressure to her already crazy job may be just too much for her.

More trouble and chaos enters with a new co-worker, her husband never being around, her mother’s dementia getting worse, a lost child, a makeover, friends, and a whole lot more, is enough to make Melissa want to run away.

Wow! What you will find in this story: humor, sass and grit, sadness, love, loss, and the list goes on. A behind-the-scenes peek into the news world is so much more when you add in that personal factor. Melissa is such an awesome woman; I want to be her friend! She just rocks in how she handles everything. So, no matter what your next reading preference is I am sure you will find it in the pages of Stay Tuned.

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