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The Demon Slayer Series

Book 1 - Demonfire
Book 2 - Hellfire
Book 3 - Nocturnal
Book 4 - Starfire

The Demon Slayers Series, book 4
ISBN: (13)978-1-4201-1001-2/ (10)1-4201-1001-2
April 1, 2011
Zebra Books
400 Pages
Paranormal Romance

Rating: 4 Cups

It is hard for Dawson Buck to remember what his life was like only a few short days ago. He was an ordinary man with nothing more serious going on than running his veterinary practice, but the Lemurians have certainly changed all of that.

The once proud warrior women of Lemuria are long gone, and for thousands of years their daughters have lived as slaves, forgotten by a society that once revered their mothers. Selyn is one of the Forgotten Ones, but for the first time in her existence, there is hope that she and her sisters may see an end to their slavery.

Even as a child, Daws had faith that there was more to his world than what could be seen on the surface, but he could not have dreamed of anything or anyone as extraordinary as Selyn. She came to him nearly dead, but with her Lemurian constitution and help from some seriously powerful friends, she survives, and now they will fight side by side. Selyn prayed for the day the Forgotten Ones would rise up against demon kind, but to have a man like Daws by her side is beyond her wildest imagination. Their fight however has barely begun, and they are about to come face to face with an enemy as old as time.

The evil that has infiltrated the Lemurian race is as powerful as ever in this fourth installment of The Demon Slayer series, and the heroes just keep getting better and better. Daws’ character is an average guy on the outside, but with a heart the size of a mountain, he is more of a hero than any woman could hope for. He can be sweet and silly, but those sexy eyes say it all, and Selyn knows how good she has got it. I would very much recommend reading about all of these fabulous couples in the order in which they are written, because each one is just too good to pass up.

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