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ISBN#: 9780981885773
August 2008
Mystic Moon Press, LLC
117 Pages
Dark Fantasy/Fantasy/Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Wyn is a pixy and the daughter of King Oberon. She is in love with a man who is over a hundred times her size.

Mordeth McCraven has been inseparable from Wyn since the day he met her. He has always loved her but with no thought for ever asking for the impossible.

Wyn and Mordeth are immersed in a plot to steal unimagined power, but their plan goes horribly wrong. Neither is happy with the distasteful things they must do. Wyn and Mordeth can only pray that they will survive the battle.

Soulbreaker is a testament to the incredible power of love. What at first appears to be impossible soon becomes very real and probable. I loved the main characters ability to love each other in the only way they could despite their differences. The story will inspire readers to take another look at that one person they never thought they could have.

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