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ISBN#: 9781628308983/9781628308990
March 2015
The Wild Rose Press, Inc
330 Pages
Vampires, paranormal, romantic comedy
Rating: 4 Cups

Sophronia made one wrong turn on a deserted highway in the dark of night and now her life is irrevocably changed. She finds herself the prisoner of an ancient vampire; such is the life of a crone.

Hagen is unable to understand why the old crone does not wish to be protected by an ancient one. But he does not have time, because he needs her power to assist him with business and to keep other ancients at bay. Little does he know but someday the crazy crone just may save him.

Sophronia was care free and in 24 hours she as enslaved, but worse than that she inherited a fledgling witch and her band of crazy family who just may be the death of her. Sophronia is unable to walk away from those in need, but can she dance with the devil to keep everyone alive; even the devil himself?

Sophronia and the Vampire is an interesting tale of a tango between a witch and an ancient vampire. I love Sophronia as she is a delightful lady looking for a peaceful twilight of life, but what she gets is anything but. I like Hagen even though he can be a bit arrogant and upper handed. In the end Hagen and Sophronia find they need each other and stick together to keep those under their care safe and alive. The writing was entertaining but despite the areas where the story lags for a bit, I enjoyed the writing of Ms. Farrell.

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