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ISBN#: 9781602726673
April 2010
Amber Allure
19 Pages
Gay, Erotic Horror, Dark Fantasy, Vampire
Rating: 3 Cups

Sluggo is becoming addicted to his on-line world and is determined to kick the habit. Okay, maybe tomorrow because tonight he has a wonderful, albeit scary guy on the line; Tepes Allure.

Using his on-line persona Tepes Allure, Sir Raven awaits an invitation from the weak and needy. Once the invitation comes, he knows he will fulfill all of his needs.

Sluggo is a typical middle-aged man who uses the internet to become someone more debonair. Unfortunately someone else knows the truth and wishes to meet Sluggo.

Rick R. Reed writes an intriguing beginning with an unexpected ending. Sluggo Snares a Vampire is an adult warning regarding the world located within the internet. Rick Reed is an amazingly talented writer who always provides a flair, and this story provides the added nightmare factor all horror readers are looking for. This story is not for the faint of heart; if you are eager to read about moonlight and roses then the story of Sluggo in not for you.

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