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ISBN#: 9780446556842 Paperback / 9780446564007 eBook
January 2010
Forever, an imprint of Grand Central Publishing, a division of Hachette Book Group Inc.
Paperback/ eBook
$6.99 USA / $8.99 CAN
416 Pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 4 Cups

Years ago, Abby Whitman had a sleepwalking disaster. Now she must live with the guilt daily as she struggles to live a normal life.

Jason Coble is a psychiatrist who tries to help Abby deal with some family issues. When she asks for help with her sleepwalking disorder, he accepts even as he knows his feelings for her will only complicate the matter.

Now Abby must come to term with another horrific accident, one that took the life of a teenager. As Jason helps her cope, a new and mysterious threat enters their lives. Someone is out to kill Abby and anyone that gets in the way. Will Jason and Abby be able to figure out what exactly happened the night of the accident before it is too late?

Sleep No More is a strong thriller, full of deep and powerful events that grip you. Susan Crandall shapes her stories so you keep guessing who did what until the end. Abby is tormented by past actions, and we, as the reader, cannot help but find ourselves sympathizing with her. Jason tries to fix everyone around him, not in an analytical way but an emotional way. A wonderful and thrilling novel that will keep you in its clutches until the end.

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