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ISBN# 9781937325008
July 18, 2011
Beachwalk Press
E Book
48 pages
Erotic Science Fiction Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Madison Edwards is worried about everyday things like grades and how she will be spending her summer. And then the unreal happens. She is kidnapped by aliens and sold as a sex slave. Will she escape captivity or become a slave to her desires?

Julstavius isn’t sure what it is about the slave on the auction block who catches his eye. All he knows is that although he doesn’t need more house slaves, he has to have her. When it turns out she has more powers than she could possibly know, will he be able to protect her from those who would steal her from him?

With the entire planet after her and her powers still not fully itemized, they launch into a sexual relationship that defies everything Madison knows. Although she is his slave, he is slave to her touch. Will their relationship end before it has begun because of outside forces trying to tear them apart? Or will she find that the thing that was truly stolen when she was kidnapped was her heart?

With an alien race both beautiful and intensely sexual, Monroe offers an erotic short that has everything from f/f scenes to some erotic bondage. Although the sex is delivered in hot and detailed storytelling, the plot itself felt a bit rushed and slightly unbelievable. A woman kidnapped and taken away from everything she knows just doesn’t seem to be the kind to profess love with her captor, even with a mind-to-mind link. But if you set aside a desire to believe in the plot and simply enjoy it for the lusty and steamy scenes, it is a spicy tale that will leave readers breathless.

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