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The Gray Court

Book 1: Dare to Believe
Book 2: Noble Blood
Book 3: Artistic Vision
Book 4: The Hob
Book 5: Siren's Song

The Gray Court, Book 5
ISBN#: 9781619221680
September 2014
Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
203 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Oberon has never needed anyone in the past; or so he believes, but he has lost his memories. He is rescued by an unusual creature who feels like his and who is willing to help him find his past and secure his future.

Cassie dreads the day Oberon rediscovers his past for she knows when he does he will no longer have need of her and will leave her behind. What else can she do for the one who was destined to be hers but hurt by another?

Cassie is determined the ones who seek to harm the Gray King will fail, even if it means a bleak future without the one who is hers. Oberon knows he has made some mistakes in the past, a past he needs to discover, but he knows one thing no matter what he will never allow Cassie to leave his side.

Siren’s Song is an outstanding story full of fascinating characters with interesting talents. I found Oberon to be a sexy character and Cassie a very loyal and loving woman. Their otherness was secondary to the story and enhanced the telling but in no way was the driving factor of the adventure. Dana Marie Bell is an amazingly talented writer with a cast of characters which continues to grow. I look forward to the story of Raven, the son of the Hob, and Amanda, best friend to Ruby whose introduction occurs in the first book Dare to Believe. I highly recommend Siren’s Song and The Gray Court to all readers with adventure in their heart and love in the soul.

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