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Takhini Wolves Series

Book 1: Black Gold
Book 2: Silver Mine
Book 3: Diamond Dust
Book 4: Moon Shine

Takhini Wolves, Book 2
ISBN: 9781609288785
September 2012
Samhain Publishing
270 Pages
Multicultural Paranormal Shape-Shifter
Rating: 5 Cups

Chase isolates himself in the wilderness due to having two forms inside, never knowing which will take the lead. On his annual trek down the mountain, he meets Shelley and is drawn to her. Too bad the road can lead to nowhere except pain for both.

Shelley has escaped the pack years ago, determined to make her own way alone. Sure, her sister has made her return smoother. Still Shelley fears the local pack’s alpha, even if it is not the one who treated her so poorly on account of her inability to shift. Chase is the first wolf she has allowed to touch her in years, and she may be unable to let him go.

Chase and Shelley must discover what is causing death on the mountain or more will die. Taking on the alpha role for the poor isolated souls, Chase knows they need his direction to survive.

Silver Mine is an outstanding story. The author creates a world that invites readers for the ride of their lives. The character is unique and offered each reader an underdog to cheer for. There is plenty of growth potential for future books to continue the story of the Takhini Wolves. I highly recommend Silver Mine, Takhini Wolves and Ms. Arend.

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