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ISBN# 9781771302326
Evernight Publishing
151 Pages
Teen Paranormal
Rating: 5 Cups

Dylanie, aka Dylan, is forced by her mother. Ashley is driven by the death she is unable to forget. Jake is tired of feeling all the pain around him. These three teens have powers none of them want. As if being a teenager is not painful enough, now they see, hear and feel things no one else can.

All three meet during a filming of a TV show, which is meant to teach them how to handle their powers. Unfortunately, the ghosts from the past have a different agenda.

The antebellum home has unfinished history to settle. The ghosts are determined the living will help the dead. Can Dylan, Ashley and Jake help the dead before their powers become more than they can deal with?

Shrapnel is a story full of teen angst. The reader is able to experience youth again, but may find it is painful the first time around. Ms. Lawton writes a story that becomes a roller coaster ride headed off the tracks. The ghosts are more vivid than the living, and the character development brings them back to life. Take a trip back into the past, merge it with the present, and you have a superb story. I highly recommend giving Shrapnel a read.

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