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ISBN#: 1610347110
July 2011
Siren Publishing
132 Pages
Erotic Romance, Alternative (M/M or F/F), Contemporary
Rating: 4 Cups

Mickey is a male prostitute who has decided that he finally has enough money to retire. He is sick to death of sleeping with strangers and wants nothing more than to begin his life anew.

Vincent Salavonni owns a bike shop. He and his buddies take care of his shop and fix motorcycles.

When Mickey makes one last stop to visit his favorite neighbor and adopted grandma Ms. Dixie, he has no idea how momentous that visit is going to be. Just as he is leaving, an earthquake hits the San Francisco Bay area, and it is not a small one. He rushes back to see his former home in shambles and the place where Ms. Dixie was sitting covered in rubble. Desperate to be certain she is alive he digs for and finally extracts the old woman. Unfortunately, she is not in the best of shape and he knows he needs to get her medical attention. Willing to do anything to help her he waves down Vincent and his friends, and pretty much offers just that. At first Vincent balks on helping them, but it is not long before Ms. Dixie wins him and his friends over. The group begins traveling together and the very strong attraction between Mickey and Vincent ratchets higher and higher the more they are together. However, when Vincent finds out Mickey’s former profession it is difficult for him to handle. Will some harsh words, and a misunderstanding cause these two to lose what could be the beginning of something beautiful, as well as, force Mickey back into the life he wants only to leave behind?

I really enjoyed reading Shake, Rattle, and Roll! Mickey’s experiences are the experiences of many young men who find themselves alone in the world and forced to become a part of the world’s oldest profession. I thought Ms. Glenn handled the subject well, and with sensitivity and respect. I also really liked the fact that Mickey never truly lost himself in spite of having to live that life, as so many young people do by falling into drug use, depression and other associated problems. Vincent’s reaction to Mickey and his former profession is real, but I also liked how he was able to overcome his initial reaction enough to be a good partner to Mickey. This story personifies the words, “love has no boundaries.” Here is to hoping there are some sequels to this lovely read, I highly recommend it!

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