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ISBN# 9781682521205
April 2016
Loose ID, LLC
130 Pages
Paranormal, Shifters, Supernatural
Rating: 5 Cups

Sawyer is after an instrument to save the world and struggles with his love for a mate he can never claim. When he discovers Caleigh is looking for the Shadow Codex, he joins with her on a quest of discovery which will lead him places he never thought to go.

Caleigh has 7 days to save the world and when she discovers Sawyer is looking for the Shadow Codex, she can think of no one she wants to spend the last 7 days of her life with. She is unaware there is more to Sawyer than meets the eye, and if she can just grab hold and hang on they have a fighting chance to save the world.

What happens when the God who governs nature decides it is time to purge the world of the inhabitants because of its failure to care for the planet? A new plague threatens the world’s population and the clock is ticking. All of humanity's salvation rests on the shoulders of a witch and a shifter who are fighting their own unity.

I am struggling to figure out where to begin so I will start with the end. The ending of Shadow Codex is the result of sheer genius. I have read many books where the ending is intended to hint at the beginning of the next, but Ms. Christopher transitions the readers mind to the next book by superbly closing out the story of Sawyer and Caleigh while offering the reader insight into the next. There are four days left to save the world and I can guarantee I will be reading every one of those four days just to see what happens in the end. I highly recommend Shadow Codex and the writing of Ms. Christopher.

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