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Black Lace, an imprint of Virgin Books LTD.
$12.95 US/$16.50 CAN/ £7.99 UK
280 pages
Rating: 3 cups


Max is holding onto his ex-girlfriend’s things for reasons he will not explain. His current girlfriend thinks it is because he does not love her as much as he loved Rebecca. Catching him in his ex-girlfriend’s clothes has Max explaining in ways neither of them imagined.

A sexy story, but for me, it seemed a little creepy until Max explained the situation.


Ms. Layton is the boss at a company. She is having fantasies about Brad, an employee. She wants to find out whether Brad will live up to her fantasies, or his.

I adored the imagination of Ms. Layton. She is a creative woman.

All in the Details

Esther is into the details of her boyfriend, George’s, love life. In college, George messed around with his roommate, Jason. Finding this out really turns Esther on.

This is quite a tale about living vicariously through another person.

The Number

Charlotte receives a text message from The Number. This is a game where her fantasies are played out, but she does not know which one.

This idea struck me as fun. The concept is an interesting one.

Fireworks Inside

Susan Grey is hiding in the coat closet at a wedding. She hates fireworks and the bridal couple has chosen to celebrate with a fireworks display. She finds she is not the only one hiding in the closet.

Sex in the dark with a total stranger is one of the hottest stories.

The Colonoscoper and the Snake Charmeuse

V is a man who is strong, handsome and well-endowed. The woman has spent the day preparing for him and their encounter.

The title made me laugh out loud, more because of the ideas popping into my mind.

Michelangelo’s Men

Danielle has the fantasy of watching her gay roommate, Trent, have sex with her very manly boyfriend, Mike. A night out to celebrate Danielle’s birthday has Mike a little more receptive to the idea.

While I understand this is fantasy, I simply did not like the idea of getting Mike drunk to engage in this. If he did not agree when he was sober, agreeing drunk is wrong.

The Test

Jenna has been put on the account of a very prominent young woman who needs her house redecorated. Meeting Amber Trewen was a more enjoyable experience than Jenna could ask for.

The senses leap to attention with this tale.

Daisy’s Diary

The New Year is here and Daisy intends to spend it having as much sex as possible. She is off to a fantastic start.

Daisy is such a goal-oriented young lady. Her intentions are fun and carefree.

Maiden Voyage

MaidenAir is a new airline dedicated specifically to women and their pleasure. Filling out a questionnaire when you book your flight, they are able to design the flight just for you and your sexual desires.

Once again, this is a very intriguing concept.

In Heat

Miriam Lahti’s cat, Max, keeps getting into trouble with her neighbor, George Branford. Then one rainy night, Miriam finds herself stranded on George’s balcony after attempting to rescue Max. Miriam is the one who will need rescuing… or will she?

This story raises the heart-rate to extraordinary levels.

Hard at Work

Ursula Stevens instills fear in those who come into contact with her. When Barry Johns, her boss, is called to her office for some personal matters, he learns she likes to play hard ball, which is just fine by him.

Creative and sexy, all wrapped up in one tale.


Greer is a man who married a woman and gave her some conditions. First and foremost, she is to be his muse. The trips and exotic things they experience are just not enough for her until one evening at the Opera Ball.

The story told here is an orgy for the senses.

The Fantasy

Miss Standish is a student in Professor Coventry’s astrophysics class. The topic itself may be boring, but Miss Standish is occupying herself with sexual fantasies about the Professor.

I have to say, I laughed as I read this one. The humor is there if you look for it.

Set Up

A young man is being seduced by his girlfriend, Jade. She tells him she invited a guest in to help pleasure him.

Kinky and sensual, it hit all of the right chords.

Glove Love

Oliver has an appointment to get his first prostrate exam. He is nervous about it, so his girlfriend is thoughtful enough to ease him into the idea of it.

These two people are considerate of each other, but are not afraid to push the limits.

On Keeping Pets

Stella gets a “pet” for the weekend from Kennel Club for her friend, Anne. Anne learns what to do with her “pet”, Tino, and, once the weekend is done, becomes obsessed with him.

Anne’s stalker tendencies really doused the flame on this story.

Fancy Feet

Matt has a foot fetish and his wife, Lela, is happy to accommodate him. Enough so that she brings home a woman for him to play with.

It is a sexy fantasy which will appeal to more than a few people in this world.

Wet and Wild

Misti has been sneaking into a private pool for a few weeks now. She is not using the pool just for swimming, and she gets caught.

Two sexy guys and a swimming pool… there is not much more for a girl to ask for.

Have Sex Will Travel

The young lady in this tale is traveling by train when a Russian man with huge hands sits with her. She discovers the man is interested in her, too.

This is, by far, my favorite story in this anthology.

The Perfect Distraction

Watching a young couple, Charles and Amanda, at a BDSM convention has a domme turned on. With three consenting adults, the last day of the convention could be the best.

This would be a titillating story for the right person.

This is not my favorite anthology from Black Lace. The stories are all right with a few really good ones sprinkled throughout the book. There were a few that really gave me an awful feeling in the pit of my stomach. Some of these stories made me scratch my head and say, “What a fantastic idea”. These authors are innovative with their imaginative creations. There are a plethora of stories included in this book to satisfy anyone’s desires.

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