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The Lords of Satyr Series

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Book 7: Sevin

Interview with Elizabeth Amber

The Lords of Satyr, Book 7
ISBN-13: 978-0-7582-4131-3
May 2012
Kensington Publishing Corporation
Aphrodisia Trade Paperback
$14.00 US / $15.95 CAN
256 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups


Now that the humans know of their existence Lord Sevin Satyr has no doubt that life is going to get much more difficult for him and his brothers. His Salone di Passione is no longer hidden from view, but the purpose it serves is now more important than ever.

The horror at finding out the truth behind her mother’s business weighs heavily on Alexa Patrizzi, but she has little time for self pity. She needs to watch every move she makes, and once the debts are paid, live a very solitary and quiet life.

Sevin has seen Alexa on several occasions, and has felt the pull of attraction each time, but it is not something he could even consider acting upon. Her family nearly destroyed his brother Lucien, and for all he knows she had a hand in everything. However fate has a different agenda and Alexa is the only chance he and Luc have if they are to survive the Calling. One night can never be enough for Sevin and Alexa, but the Satyr have powerful enemies who are much closer than anyone could guess.

The forbidden is always an attraction, and in this case that magnetism is much too powerful to resist. Alexa may be human and much more fragile than her sexy admirer, but I love that she refuses to play the victim.


The nightmares and headaches are getting to be more than Lucien can take. He sees the fear and concern in his brother’s eyes when they look at him, and he would give anything to take that away.

At her age Natalia has been through the rites like the other girls, but being found barren, she has little hope of ever marrying. She is a Healer, not marriage material, and that is just fine in her eyes.

The ritual surrounding the stone statue bothers Natalia on a level even she does not understand, but she could never imagine what is about to happen. Her touch awakens the man of stone, and in that second her life spins out of control. Since his imprisonment Luc could not stand another’s touch, until he is awakened by Natalia. They are connected in ways they do not comprehend, but their survival may mean life or death for both of their worlds.

Luc is so young and shattered you want to sooth away his pain, and Natalia should be doing just that. At first it is frustrating to see her fear rule her heart, but with Luc opening up to her, she is helpless to resist.

Sevin and Luc are larger than life, but with these women their stories go from fantasy to fantastic. Even with a very take charge attitude, Sevin always has someone else’s feelings in mind, and Alexa’s character feels just as giving. Luc’s story is your classic tragedy, but with Natalia’s touch anything is possible. In this long line of Satyr Lords every man is special and every story is filled with unrelenting passion and heart pounding danger.

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