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ISBN: 978-1-60777-438-9
August 2011
Ravenous Romance
211 Pages
Historical Ménage, M/M
Rating: 4 Cups

They have been home from war long enough that Major Breadon Sinclair and Ethan Ashmore are ready to settle down and find a woman to share their home. She has to be a proper match by society’s standards, but more than that she must be ready, willing and able to fulfill all of their needs.

As the daughter of a very wealthy and prominent family in London, Lady Laurel Kingsley is well versed on how to comport herself. Never has a thought crossed her mind to do otherwise, until she catches the attention of two intriguingly handsome men.

Braedon thought he made his wishes very clear to the matchmaker, Camila, but apparently she still thinks he wants some simpering, vapid twit to warm his bed, and nothing could be further from the truth. Braedon and Ethan are well aware of what will happen if their relationship becomes publicly known, but upon meeting Laurel they are confident she is the perfect match. Laurel has never even been kissed, and now her body is practically screaming for something she knows only Braedon and Ethan can give her. Her heart hammers at the thought of what Braedon and Ethan are offering, but with the threat of discovery and her best friend in dire trouble, Laurel fears she has gotten in way over her head.

There is no delicate awakening to the sensual pleasures for Laurel with the onslaught of Braedon and Ethan, but more of an explosion of sensation. I find it a little unlikely for someone so young and untried to embrace their lifestyle so readily, but her maturity and grace belie her youth. Braedon and Ethan are comfortable in their sexuality, and I love the intensity of their relationship and their feelings, even if they do not always express them verbally. Ms. Reed takes her characters to the height of passion, and as the reader you are allowed the opportunity to enjoy every moment of their journey.

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